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Oct 8, 2013 davkanist commented on Establishment Dems Hate Mike McGinn Because He Isn't an Establishment Democratic.
While there may be a sliver of truth to this, there's obviously more to the story.

Serving and being part of the political mechanism gives you two things: relationships and experience. Two things McGinn sorely lacked when he took office.

Then, he hired a team that didn't have them either, so that meant that it took calls to people outside the mayor's office to get information critical to the persuasion process. You know, stuff like, who is the gatekeeper for a legislator or better yet, how can I get them on their cell phone.

This arrogance has hurt him in a big way. He didn't have the experience to know how to get things done and didn't have the relationships. And didn't think it was even important.

There's lots of tipping point persuasion done in politics and McGinn not only set himself outside of it, he openly disdained it. For instance, refusing to attend Tabor and making 100 people wait hours at King County Dems for endorsements and then not even bothering to show up.
May 3, 2013 davkanist commented on Portlanders Have a Very Uncivil Argument About Water Fluoridation.
The article in the Mercury ignores the science and turns the arguments into hyperbole. Europe is better at actually using science than the US is and floridation of water is outlawed.

Why don't you look at the ADA study, and the harvard docs and then do a real article?

Apr 26, 2013 davkanist commented on What Does Ed Murray Have Against Rail in Seattle?.
I want a mayor who isn't sarcastic and juvenile. "Look in the mirror". Next, we'll get more playground debate tactics like "everybody thinks so" and "your mamma wears combat boots".
Jan 10, 2013 davkanist commented on McGinn Brings Out His Base as He Launches Bid for Reelection.
@14 "He didn't just "fail to address" the culture at SPD - he passed on an opportunity to name a reformer to the chief position"

And this can't be chalked up to "newness" or stupidity. McGinn had the guidance he needed to bring in a reformer, he simply chose to ignore it because he's the smartest person in the room.
Sep 21, 2012 davkanist commented on Amazon Pledges to Build Dedicated Cycletrack in South Lake Union.
Fabulous! My wife and I bike there and would use it all the time.
Sep 21, 2012 davkanist commented on Is a Teamsters Spokesperson Distorting Gael Tarleton's Record?.

Ask Gael for an itinerary from her trip to Boston to see "family" (slipping to DC to lobby against F4A).
Sep 21, 2012 davkanist commented on Is a Teamsters Spokesperson Distorting Gael Tarleton's Record?.
Relling (Jason Bennett),

I cannot figure out why you repeatedly advise your clients to put out a press release or mailer that highlights their very biggest flaw, allowing the opposition a huge boost and earned media time.

Saying it's "personal" and that Gael's opposition are "stalkers" is some pretty weak sauce. It's also raucously anti-feminist and paranoid. I see some borderline personality stuff in there regarding the black-and-white thinking called "splitting."

There is opposition to your candidate because she is dishonest. She says supports an issue and you've helped her wrap it up press releases, but when it comes down to it, she votes the other way. She has looked her biggest supporters straight in the eye and lied to them over and over. All the while, begging for money from the very corporations that oppose legislation for clean air, clean water, and a living wage.

Worse, she travels to DC to lobby against bills she publicly says she supports, making her Yoshitani's lap dog. That's not just dishonest - it's the highest level betrayal to her supporters, her constituents, and to their values.

Wrapping yourself in the progressive sash won't do it, you have to actually vote that way.

Oct 4, 2011 davkanist commented on Mayor McGinn Takes the Lead on School District's Absenteeism Problem.
Maybe he should be superintendent.

So who is doing "mayoral" things while he runs at tangents?

This frustrates me mightily. Not city business and not strategic, just a campaign ploy.
Oct 3, 2011 davkanist commented on Amanda Knox.
Your pompous posts generally annoy me, but this is just a waste of space.
Sep 13, 2011 davkanist commented on Activists Prank Port Convention.
that is awesome! now, we just need to get rid of Bill Bryant and Gale Tarleton, who are the worst of the worst on the issues that matter to people and the environment.