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Jun 21, 2014 troutbum commented on Drunk of the Week.
The best whisky I've found that comes in a plastic 1/2 gallon bottle is Old Snuggler. $25ish before tax. But I mostly shop at QFC for liquor and they don't carry it so I spend the extra $5 or so for the Balentines Finest.

If I was rich I'd start with the Laphroiag family of whisky and go from there. Much to my chagrin I can't abide cheap bourbon unless it's all that's offered. I do like the expensive stuff. Cheap Canadian is easily the most horrid swill available. Even I, alky that I am, can't choke down the likes of R&R.

At the $20-$25 a 1/5 neighborhood I like teachers, powers Irish, tullamore dew, bushmills, famous grouse, and maybe cutty sark.

JB, Dewars, JW Red, etc are not good considering the price, but I'll drink them.
Dec 31, 2012 troutbum commented on Happiness Is a Warm Gun Dog.
I'm a former guest of a few states and someone who has spend more than enough time in lockup (Hackensack Annex, Rykers Island, etc). I can attest that a dog is the best preventitive defense against a break-in by a stranger that nearly anyone can easily have. It is talked about amongst career B&E pros who seem to hang out together when in jail. Lots of very funny stories if you can get past the whole scumbag felon thing. House with a dog=House that doesn't get robbed (not perfect, but awfully good). My own experience bears this out as my family dog died this summer and our house was broken into the next week. By a 8 year old neighbor kid whose family is about as poor as pig shit. He and his sister stole a piggy bank that was full of Thai coins. Must have sucked opening that piggy bank.
Dec 11, 2012 troutbum commented on I, Anonymous: One Man's Donation Is Another Man's Garbage.
Goodwill got $12.99 for someone's garbage which you can go ahead and donate right back to them. They can then sell it for another $12.99. It's Goodwill's funding model. Brilliant! If it becomes unsellable they can then dispose of it at the city's transfer station for about 40% less than other customers are charged! I really don't see the problem here.
Oct 31, 2012 troutbum commented on Jay Inslee, Sportsfisher Approved.
After reading my post I may have to change my name to "pedantic bastard".
Oct 31, 2012 troutbum commented on Jay Inslee, Sportsfisher Approved.
Normally, one casts a lure, a fly (type of lure), bait, etc. I've been a rabid fisherman for 40 years and while I have heard folks say "cast a reel" or some such version of that it is rare. There are, of course, casting reels but that is a specific style of reel with an open turning spool designed to cast a lure as opposed to spinning reels that have a stationary spool, trolling reels that are not normally asked to cast anything, and fly reels that only store the fly line and perhaps provide for reel spool friction (drag).
Feb 2, 2012 troutbum commented on Liveblogging the Washington State Senate's Debate and Vote on IN FAVOR OF GAY MARRIAGE.
Proud to be a Washingtonian today. Good on ya, legislature.
Dec 15, 2011 troutbum commented on Until the End of Time.
I was the only Prince fan amongst my Head friends in New Jersey in the early 80s. (did any other part of the country have the Head/Jock/Nerd catagories? Everyone was either a Head a Jock or a Nerd. I was all three but considered unusual.)

Anyway, I went go see Leon Russell play in the wonderfully dilapidated and totally kick ass Capitol theater in Passaic New Jersey around summer of 1984 or so. Leon Russell's crowd were hardcore Heads (as in pot-heads, dope-heads, maybe dead-heads. whatever. Like drugs? You're a head).

Leon comes out on stage in his trademark getup with the crowd cheering wildly. A working class Jersey Lynyrd Skynyrd Led Zep crowd. And he opens with Purple Rain. The entire crowd was utterly dumbfounded. Near silence. A scattering of boos. But he fucking rocked it. It was, at least as far as I was concerned, the moment that the rockers of New Jersey began to give themselves permission to listen to and like Prince and I became a lifelong Leon Russell fan after that.

I still love Prince, of course.
Dec 12, 2011 troutbum commented on "She was raised, and remains, a devout Catholic.".
Devout Catholic women are not only allowed to fuck married men but they are also required to fuck married men. They just have to marry the one they are fucking first.
Dec 6, 2011 troutbum commented on The Death of a Hyena.
Work on your fucking reading comprehension you infintile asshole.
Dec 6, 2011 troutbum commented on The Death of a Hyena.
Charles just can't stand any species that not only has a matriarchal social structure but has the temerity to allow the females to have external genitalia that are nearly indistinguishable from penises.

Having personally known a pair of hyenas I can attest that they are pretty friendly when satiated and loaded with personality.