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As for participation in the Revolutionary War, actually, as many important battles occurred in the South, Carolinas mostly, as those which are selectively presented in our texts. One of the three generals of the Southern campaign was Robert Howe, a North Carolinian. George Washington was not even involved in a major campaign from 1778-81 while those battles were occurring . (Srce: Page Smith’s A New Age Begins, a two-volume text that is an excellent American education tome. He was a Marylander and studied under the renowned historian Samuel Eliot Morison at Harvard.)

A note about slavery and scapegoating the South: Much of the world in the 17th 18th & 19th centuries and before, was tainted by slavery, including Africans who sold their own people. New York leaders were against the Civil War because there were so many who were profiting from the slave trade. In fact Mayor Fernando Wood proposed that Manhattan become an independent island nation, its cotton trade intact. Because these people have had so much wealth, they have managed to whitewash their ugly involvement while scapegoating Southerners who often were mostly hardworking poor farmers (2/3's of Southerners in South did not own slaves), who could not defend themselves as being less culpable than the rich Northerners.

Among the slave profiteers who have hidden how they acquired their wealth and power carried into present day: Tiffany, J. P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers, et al, the usual culprits, note J.P.M. & Lehman Bros.' involvement in the recent economic debacle. The leading slave trading family in the U.S. was the DeWolf family (over 50 yrs and 3 generation 1769-1820 of Rhode Island)- DeWolf reported to be the wealthiest man in America upon his death in 1837); another was the Brown family also of Rhode Island. This is a breathtaking revelation of the truth about Northern involvement: http://www.tracesofthetrade.org/guides-a…

Re: racism, sexism, etc. In my long life I've seen this throughout America. The more vulnerable we feel, the more we shut down and act ugly, often against our own better angels. We need to find common ground and fight the real enemy, exploiters, and not be exploiters ourselves. The beginning is to work together to conserve so that we can develop our own wealth and independence from the greedy.

There is much to be angry about. There are some very good comments that reveal real history that it appears many are not reading. I add this: Our country was founded on strong influences of the Scottish Enlightenment (origin of the word liberal, so twisted today. Read "How the Scots Invented the Modern World" by Harvard grad, many Southerners from this tradition, but also Northerners.)

A proud Southerner.