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Apr 11, 2016 efbrazil commented on Let Us All Rejoice in What a Lousy Time Trump's Been Having Lately.
The comments are right on here- we should all feel terrible about the lousy time Trump's been having. Trump is a buffoon who exposes schisms in the Republican party and has no chance of winning, while Cruz is pure right wing evil that has a real chance of victory. Remember that Reagan was perceived as too extreme in the primary season, then he beat Carter simply by not acting liking a lunatic during the debates. Both Hillary and Bernie are weak candidates, we need the weakest possible Republican running against them. Rooting against Trump right now is about as smart as rooting for Nader in 2000- it might feel good, but it's profoundly stupid.
Mar 4, 2014 efbrazil commented on A Homeless Person Throws Garbage at You: WWSD?.
WWSD? Buy an SUV and move to the suburbs.
Jan 9, 2014 efbrazil commented on State House Transportation Chair: "Seattle Is Not on the Hook for Cost Overruns on the Tunnel".
Remember that Chopp was the driving force that put the cost overrun provision in in the first place. Sour grapes over not getting his way on the design.
Nov 20, 2013 efbrazil commented on Sawant Just Says It: Boeing Workers Should Take Over the Factories.
Take over the factory and produce buses? Seriously? Is Sawant in the business of writing headlines for Fox News about what idiots Seattle liberals and socialists are?

Sawant has responsibility to not say idiotic things now that she's been elected and is a national face for socialism. She seems to be having trouble with that.
Oct 18, 2013 efbrazil commented on Fuck the SECB, I'm Voting Against District Elections.
I see Goldy has joined with the conservative wing of the Seattle City Council in opposing district elections. How brave to instead endorse a pie in the sky theory that has zero hope of becoming reality. I assume he plans to write in Ralph Nader for mayor as well.
Oct 9, 2013 efbrazil commented on How Do You Negotiate with Crazy?.
Well, you could offer to give them what they want in exchange for taking away their weapon. For Republicans, allow states to defer health care implementation on an annual basis (a vote every year by every state that wants to defer). For Democrats, permanently eliminate debt ceiling and funding votes, plus make it so that the minority party in either house can submit bills for a vote one day a week. Democrats get a functioning government back and Republicans can make it so Texas does not have health care. Everyone wins!
Sep 30, 2013 efbrazil commented on Dear Politics: You Fucking Suck.
Needs more spitting

Structural issue: The difficulty is that gerrymandering is coupled with the house leadership requiring a majority of their caucus to agree on their actions, meaning democrats have no say. Put that together and it means that the whole house can be controlled by less than 10% of the US population. It just requires at least 1/4th of the house (half the republicans) be mostly afraid of being primaried by a lunatic backed by at least 1/4th of their district's gerrymandered population.

Solution: I think a problem with Obamacare is that it messed with Texas. Frankly, the sooner people in Texas are dead the better. I think a compromise exists if Obamacare is changed to allow states to vote to opt out, coupled with some structural reforms that make it so that the house follows majority rule instead of 1 party rule.
Aug 24, 2013 efbrazil commented on Obviously, Wall Street Is Composed Entirely of Apple Fanboys.
By retiring Ballmer made over a billion dollars: Most of Ballmer's net worth of about 20 billion dollars is tied up in Microsoft stock and the stock went up by about 10% on the announcement. Being stinking rich is so awesome...
Aug 14, 2013 efbrazil commented on Wait, They Want More Density?.
@13, we are open to working with cvs on a mixed use building that fits the neighborhood plan, ie win win. The chamber would rather they located to Phinney or Fremont as they threaten local business.
Aug 14, 2013 efbrazil commented on Wait, They Want More Density?.
The WCC tries to enforce the neighborhood plan, meaning more density in the urban village area and less build up outside that area. It's not "pro density" or "anti density", it's "pro neighborhood plan". The neighborhood plan promotes walkability with development focused on the retail core along 45th street.

On the chamber side of things, Wallingford already has 3 pharmacies, and the only rationale for a CVS is to come in and crush them. So local residents and businesses are commonly opposed to the CVS invasion at this site and in this configuration.

I know the Stranger often opposes neighborhood groups because they tend to oppose change. People move to an area because they like it how it is, and they tend to complicate the implementation of agendas imposed from the outside. Sometimes that means challenging development and bike lanes, but other times that means blocking a new freeway or parking garage. Having said that, residents will look for win-win solutions that serve both external goals and internal residents. You just have to ask!

Finally, apologies for this comment being middle of the road and mentioning the possibility of "win-win" solutions. I know that is out of character for both the SLOG and Internet comments in general.