Oct 14, 2015 burb commented on After Allegations of Developer Blackmail, Mayor Backs Away from Deal on Project Across from City Hall.
'In response to the allegations, the mayor announced today that he wants the city to cut ties with the developer in question as soon as possible.

"I am extremely disappointed by these questionable actions," Mayor Ed Murray said today.'

Why, Is he holding out for more money?
Sep 15, 2015 burb commented on I Am Confused and Just Got Hung Up on by the Seattle School District.
SPS' mendacious messaging was clearly evident last November when Howard tried to blame the district's release of 7K special ed students' personally-identifiable information on the schmuck who received the data.
Nov 7, 2013 burb commented on Underdog School Board Candidate Sue Peters Wins Over Dale Estey.
The SECB nails it again! Thanks for being the Anti-Times. Sue's election is a great boon for our students!
Nov 4, 2013 burb commented on The Real Chris Christie.
I'll bet he really wanted to flip her the bird but didn't want to insult the drunken Rutgers football fans.
Oct 17, 2013 burb commented on One Funny Thing About That Old Suzanne Dale Estey Story.
#2 Right! For a position that only pays $4.8K a year. Wouldn't be surprised if Estey finds work for another slimy corporation.
Oct 16, 2013 burb commented on Pro-Murray PAC Uses Battered Women as Pawns in Deceptive Smear Campaign.
I would expect nothing more from Murray's PAC. I'm a true-blue Dem but Murray does not deserve unconditional backing, especially after this Swiftboat ad.
Oct 16, 2013 burb commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
Actually d.p., dumping the corporate-funded lackeys/bobbleheads and electing unpurchased candidates has led to more student-centered focus decisionmaking.

Anything else?
Oct 16, 2013 burb commented on How Low Can You Go in a School Board Race? Dale Estey Supporter Files Public Disclosure Request for School Emails Regarding Opponent's Children.
As the parent who posted those gosh darn Enfield emails, I say they cast a public employee in a very bad light (thanks to the "sunshine" laws in our State). And the emails between her predecessor Goodloe-Johnson with a wanna-be district vendor NWEA about appointment to their board while she was "considering" using their MAP test? Oh SNAP!

NotVoting, your protests are lame. Bryant's request is clearly on the Public Records log well into the primary. She did not request a specific topic like "Teach for America" or NWEA MAP or Silas Potter, she asked for Peter's emails with her child's teacher between certain dates, and Peters with the discredited principal Rina Geoghagen between another range of dates. That's fishing.

As for FERPA, a now-gutted law poorly protecting educational records, it prohibits release of educational records with personally-identifiable information to anyone without a "legitimate educational interest". (I doubt Bryant's interest was educational in nature.) Redaction would be necessary, but given that the child's and parent's name are evident in the nature of the request itself, the records should be considered unredactable; case law calls for withholding the records.

The Public Records Act states a person's "right to privacy" is invaded or violated if disclosure 1) is not of legitimate concern to the public, and 2) would be highly offensive to a reasonable person. From the sounds of public reaction to Bryant's hijinks, there are many reasonable people out there.

Those spreading innuendo and defaming anyone's character is Bryant and her friends.
Oct 16, 2013 burb commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
Smart move endorsing Sue Peters over the vacuous Suzanne Dale Estey. Actually, vacuous gives her the benefit of the doubt. Based on Josh Feit's report on Estey's previous career as WAMU Corporate Puppet, I'm inclined to call her something else.