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Feb 11, 2013 Truth B Known commented on That Motherfucking Power-Hungry, Self-Aggrandized Bigot In the Stupid Fucking Hat Announces His Retirement.
Why don't you show some guts and insult religions other than Christianity? You know, like the one from the Middle East. Or are you afraid they'll kill you...or worse, that you'll be politically incorrect?
Jan 5, 2013 Truth B Known commented on Purity Culture Is Rape Culture.
Purity rings and Christianity are not the only offenders.

Burqas also contribute to misogyny, submission of women, and a rape culture. Time to point out that vile garment for what it is, rather than apologizing out of fear for political incorrectness.
May 21, 2011 Truth B Known commented on Savage Love.
Geez, Dan - can't you see that CMA is a repressed homosexual? He is GAY...even if he doesn't realize it.

Don't look at what he says he wants; look at what he doesn't want. He is merely making up an excuse to eliminate all but the tiniest minority of women.....because he doesn't want women.

He doesn't explain why he likes this, or the woman's pleasure or even his own. He wants to suck on a woman's clit large enough for him to sub-consciously fantasize it's a cock.

CMA is gay.
Jun 18, 2010 Truth B Known joined My Stranger Face
Jun 18, 2010 Truth B Known commented on My Daughter, Her Hair, and the Seattle School District.
The only 'racism' in this article is purely, wholly, fully on the part of the writer.

A stink is a stink. Many public and private facilities are designated as scent-free (let alone stink-free) zones. To hide behind the race card is despicable enough, but to stick your innocent daughter as the vehicle for your apparent racism for her teacher is just vile.

It is pointless to judge the smell of a product by simply sniffing it within the bottle. Perfumed scents respond differently when placed on human hair or skin.

Apologize to the teacher immediately and wash your daughter's hair properly - or risk having your daughter seized by government authorities and placed in a proper, respectful adoptive home.