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May 28 abomb commented on Spencer Moody's Don't Ask Me About My Failed Business Opens Tomorrow.
I was at a show upstairs at the Anne Bonney once and had a really sudden low blood sugar moment (dehydrated, hot, uncomfortable clothes, food poisoning...who knows...fortunately a one-time incident a long time ago) and I just knew I had to sit down, close my eyes, and have some water and a snack. Just when I could have been embarrassed to be at a show (alone) and have a mini-meltdown in front of all these rockers, who came to the rescue?? lady ever. She just "mommed out" for awhile, hung with me, got me water, found me a chair, chatted me up while I rested, made sure I was going to get home safely (I was fine after the water and sitting down). I will never forget it! Spencer, too. Great people.
May 27 abomb commented on Gimme Your Fucking Papa Smurf: 20 Photos from Seattle Folklife Festival.
You're the best. Love your "gimme your" photoshoots. So awesome. xoxoxoxo
Apr 27 abomb commented on Catch Regina Carter's Virtuosic Jazz Violin Tonight.
Wow...amazing musician. A favorite of mine...she just tears it apart:…
Feb 17 abomb commented on Lord Have Mercy: The Staple Singers.
The Weight will always hold the most weight for me...
Feb 16 abomb commented on Schoolyard Bullies.
My two cents are that Danielle sure could brush up on her "people first" language...these days "people with disabilities" is considered more respectful than "disabled people."
Feb 6 abomb commented on James Keblas Out, Kate Becker In as Director of Seattle's Office of Film + Music.
Kate Becker is amazing. Awesome as awesome gets. Nothing against James, but you can never go wrong with Kate. She is too cool and has a HUGE heart.
Feb 5 abomb commented on CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco at Its 7,600 US Stores.
That's amazing. Would love to see Kroger or Bartell's follow their lead.
Sep 5, 2013 abomb commented on Women: Anger & Action News Report (1994).
Awesome. How much I'd love to be on KING 5 (or whatever it was) with my name and then just "FEMINIST" under it. If you have to pick just one label I guess that's as good as any!
May 9, 2013 abomb commented on Punk Rock Fashion Shows Are Bullshit!.
"I grew up in the '80s, right at the end of the '70s"...???! Hahaha...
May 9, 2013 abomb commented on Your Dog Sucks.
Couldn't agree more. Judkins Park is horrible. I can't tell you how often I have to tell people it is NOT an off-leash area. Drives me nuts, especially with small kids running around and this "oh but MY dog's different" BS. I don't care -- get your dang dog away from me! Pit bulls, too!

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