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Apr 18, 2013 TLCTugger commented on Savage Love.
If you don't have the patience or dexterity for a few months of gentle finger stretches with Betamethasone (prescription) ointment then the surgical remedy is NOT circumcision. It is bi-lateral dorsal slit with transverse closure, which amputates no sensual tissue.
Jun 19, 2010 TLCTugger joined My Stranger Face
Jun 19, 2010 TLCTugger commented on Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University.
Forget the vibrators for minute. Forget the fact that this clearly didn't pass any ethics board worthy of the title.

We're looking at criminal non-therapeutic amputations of the exact sort congress meant to prohibit in 1996. It has been illegal since the law took effect in 1997.

Why are these monsters walking the streets?