May 14, 2011 John11 commented on Wisconsin Teachers Earn Governor's Ire by Scoring Highest Graduation Rates in Nation.
e. ebullient@6. You need to go to Wisconsin. The crecent around Lake Michigan from Port Washington, WI to Gary, IN used to produce 50% of America's industrial production. Milwaukee and Racine are ground zero in the destruction of the industrial base. And although people always talk about the masses of African-Americans who made it to Chicago, but plenty went the extra 90 miles to Milwaukee. I guess Washington has more Asians. Also more Latinos--but that's an indication of Washington's affluence. There are relatively few immigrants heading for Wisconsin for good reason--the wealth and jobs aren't there. Based on demographics, Washington should be beating Wisconsin.
Jan 19, 2011 John11 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Peace On The Side.
I've got to jump on Xina's comment @1. Dan--you seem to have a real hang up about people with disabilities. There is this whole "Leotarded" thing. It's not clear, but I think you think it is clever to take a disparaging term, change it slightly, and then say, you've found a technicality that allows you to ridicule people with intellectual disadilities (yes-that is the preferred term currently, learn to use it). If your racist Uncle started using "shigger," no one would think it was funny or clever, accept for the asses who would think it was a hoot.

People with intellectual disabilities ask that we not use the term "retarded" as a descriptive term because it is dated (like "colored"), and ask that we not use it as a pejorative term like you do. These are real people, not punchlines. And unfortunately not all are particularly good at letting things roll of their backs or understanding that you're the jerk and not them. Needless to say I thought that the Constance McMillen episode would have taught you something about basic human dignity. Recall that the mean-spirited hoax ended up netting the students with special needs as well as McMillen. Frankly, you talk like someone from the jerk part of McMillen's town. You need to apologize and start acting right.
Jul 1, 2010 John11 commented on Dem Rep: Don't Expect Action On ENDA Until 2015.
Little taste for Democratic betrayal? As a union member, I'm glad someone's getting pissed. Labor has an embarrassing record of accepting it. It's kind of like the battered wife continually coming back to the husband.
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Jun 22, 2010 John11 commented on Anything Is Possible Through God.
So this guy is married--check out the wedding ring. The question is not what Christian would want his or her daughter marrying this guy, it's what woman wouldn't? My wife would be so plelased if I was so tidy and fashionable as this guy. Frankly, I'd say it's unfair competition--you can't expect us to compete with that.