Jul 20 Toe Tag commented on Boris Johnson Shaping up to be England's Donald Trump.
Boris's limerick about Erdogan called him a goat-fucker. Love to be a fly on the wall at their first meeting.
Jul 16 Toe Tag commented on Military Coup in Turkey.
@17, unfortunately it appears that Erdogan is taking the opportunity to purge that pesky judicial branch of government, as well as rounding up the usual suspects in the military.

Donaldo's trenchant comment: "I hope it all works out."
Jul 15 Toe Tag commented on Military Coup in Turkey.
There was a big Army command shake-up due next month. I think some of the officers decided to not take early retirement.
Jul 8 Toe Tag commented on Mark Hughes, Gun Nut of Interest.
Will this compel the Texas Legislature to repeal the "campus carry" law before it goes into effect on August 1 (the effective date wins this year's Irony Award)?

Didn't think so.
Jul 7 Toe Tag commented on Morning News: Black Man Hunting Season Opened This Week, Median Home Value in Seattle Now $666,000.
By "best news the UK has received" do you mean that Labour will be irrelevant for at least the next four years?
Jul 5 Toe Tag commented on FBI: Clinton "Extremely Careless" With Classified Material, But No Charges.
"Lack of intent" swung it, along with the fact that none of the classified/classifiable info seems to have leaked out. Not even the classified-upon-further-review info about the drone strikes in Pakistan, which were not exactly a deep dark secret to the Taliban/AQ.
Jul 5 Toe Tag commented on Mayor Gives Another Gift to Police Union, Won't Reappoint Civilian Watchdog.
Didn't this piece run last week?
Jul 5 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: The FBI Looks into State Senator Pam Roach, But Doesn't Recommend Charging Hillary Clinton.
Trump wasn't interested in trashing tribal sovereignty per se - he just wanted to eliminate competition for his failing Atlantic City casinos.

People who were still holding out hope that Hillary would be led out in handcuffs by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. remind me of some junkies I lived next door to in NW Portland. They wanted to build a moon rocket, because someone convinced them that the craters are really full of smack.
Jul 1 Toe Tag commented on British Columbia Premier Wants to Re-Regulate Vancouver's Insane Real Estate Market.
Why "re-regulate"? I don't remember it being regulated before.
Jun 30 Toe Tag commented on Democrats Unearth New Trump Institute Scandal.
@3, he'd more likely get bored with the whole drill (the Presidency is a shitty job, in a shitty town) and do a Sarah Palin (resign halfway through his term).