1:13 PM yesterday Toe Tag commented on Trumpcare Vote Will Be Delayed.
Mar 21 Toe Tag commented on Why Is the TSA Banning Passengers from Bringing Electronic Devices “Bigger Than a Cellphone” Onboard Certain Flights?.
The UK just joined the party, and that government has been notably unenthusiastic about the Muslim ban.
Mar 17 Toe Tag commented on The Week in Weed: Government Weed is Terrible, Vape Use on the Rise, Ganja Island Paradise Lost.
I must have missed it - who is suggesting that legalizing weed will take care of the opioid addiction problem?
Mar 16 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: Trump's Budget Plan, a Frozen Travel Ban, and an Evicted Local Activist.
In other news, the 9th Circuit finally got around to denying the petition for rehearing en banc (initiated by one of the court's judges) of its decision upholding Robart's TRO ruling against the original E.O. Five judges dissented:


Mar 15 Toe Tag commented on The Trump Revolution That Began With Brexit Ends in the Netherlands.
It's just "Marine." She went through a reductive re-branding (like Cher and Islamic State) to rid herself of the link to her odious father.
Mar 15 Toe Tag commented on Portland Anarchists Who Are Repairing Potholes Have Lost Their Minds.
Charles, you should ride the 70 bus down Eastlake sometime before declaring potholes are a good thing.
Mar 13 Toe Tag commented on CBO: 24,000,000 Americans Will Lose Health Insurance Under Trumpcare.
I heard some Trump voters in West Virginia interviewed on the BBC over the weekend. They weren't too fussed about losing coverage if the ACA is repealed, because once the mine is re-opened and they get their jobs back, they'll have company-provided health insurance.
Mar 12 Toe Tag commented on Preet Bharara to Trump: Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me.
Raindrop, you're correct that U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, and they all routinely submit their resignations when there's a change of administration. But those resignations usually aren't taken up unless and until there's a replacement. Sid Lezak in Portland was U.S. Attorney in Portland for twenty years, under five Presidents from both parties. Firing Bharara is an issue because it demonstrates that a promise by Trump has the half-life of a goose fart on a muggy day, as John Fahey would say. The Times piece this morning said that Trump had promised Bharara the job because he was trying to make nice with Charles Schumer, and now doesn't feel like doing that. Another Trump aide mentioned in the article noted that Sean Hannity had called for his sacking because the Bharara's office was investigating Fox News for securities law violations (they never bothered to tell their shareholders about the millions they were paying to settle the sexual harassment suits against Roger Ailes - shit, they never even told the audit committee). Take your pick of theories, but it's evidence of instability that's not to be sniffed at.