It's not very popular.

3:37 PM yesterday Toe Tag commented on Two Unarmed Black Men Suspected of Stealing Beer Shot by Police Officer in Olympia.
@10, sure, what's the worst you can do with a skateboard?…
May 19 Toe Tag commented on Don't Worry, Kathleen, Drones Are Not Allowed in Seattle Parks. (I Found Out the Hard Way.).
Kathleen doesn't need to pack a piece to take out bothersome drones. A Wham-O Writst Rocket and a carton of ball bearings provides hours of fun.
May 19 Toe Tag commented on Why Is Shell So Bent On Losing Money in Arctic Drilling?.
It's a safe bet for Shell, in the long run (which is the view they take). It may take crude prices a couple of years to go back up to where Arctic production would be profitable, but that's where they're headed. If Shell gets in some exploration in the meantime, it will pay off. All the layoffs that are now occurring in the oil exploration and production sector will put downward pressure on costs, so there will be a convergence of high prices and low costs in the future.

One thing the oil companies can count on is inelastic demand for oil. When prices started plunging after last summer, a lot of economists thought Americans would treat the windfall like a tax cut, buy lots of toys, and thereby pump up the economy. That didn't happen - they blew it all on gas, including buying gas guzzlers instead of hybrids or other high-efficiency vehicles. That's what is driving demand up, with prices following.
May 18 Toe Tag commented on Seattle Police Say Three-Fourths of May Day Arrestees Were from Out of Town.
Mercer Island? Nobody from Laurelhurst?
May 15 Toe Tag commented on Why Protesters Greeted Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig in Elliott Bay Yesterday.
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
May 11 Toe Tag commented on The Morning News: Tacoma Cop Kills Armed Man, State Buries Bad Bertha News, and an Osama bin Laden Conspiracy Theory.
...and in Other News, the Obama administration just gave the green light to more oil/gas drilling in the Arctic.
May 5 Toe Tag commented on Is the Port About to Debate the Shell Arctic Drilling Decision Behind Closed Doors?.
Are they editing with a ruler over at the Stranger? What happened to the paragraph explaining who "Goldman" is?
May 1 Toe Tag commented on May Day 2015: After a Day of Peaceful Marches, an Evening of Broken Glass, Flashbangs, and Injuries.
I think that was the Google drone. They're everwhere.
Apr 30 Toe Tag commented on Jeff Bezos Launched a Spaceship Yesterday—Here's the Video.
@5, what's going to pay for the massive satellite-based internet venture he's building?

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