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Jun 25, 2010 JackieJelly24 commented on Why The Stranger Accepted the Ad on Page 15 of This Week's Paper.
Well, I did some actual RESEARCH....
"In a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more females than males ages 13-19 tested positive for HIV.1 The most common source of infection for females of all ages is heterosexual sex."

"African Americans account for 48% of new HIV infections.
AIDS is the leading cause of death for African American women aged 25 to 34 and HIV rates among Hispanic women are increasing.
The number of women living with HIV has tripled in the last two decades. "
(So I guess we should boycott black hystory month and anything "promoting" women or hispanic people?)

Another common way of getting AIDS is to be born from a mother who had AIDS, and since most gay families adopot it can be assumed that they were born with AIDS that they got from their straight parents. As for lesbian coupls who find a sperm donor and there is usually no way of knowing if the donor is staright or gay but they'd probably test the donor befor he donates anyway.

So along with gays we should also have a problem with black and hispanic people, straight couples who want to have a baby, and women.

And while we're obeying the small bit of the bible that mentions homosexuality, we should also mention the part of the same book of the bible that forbids tatoos, "round haircuts" clothes made of more than one fabric, and touching the skin of a dead pig, which I feel I should mention, is what many footballs are made of, and didn't I hear something about him being a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, and Seattle Seahawks?
Well, I'm sure he found a way to play football without touching the ball. :]

As for his argument that what black people went through with civil right was worse than what gay people went through, I'm pretty sure there werent nearly as many laws saying that black people should be put to death or in prison, as there were, and still are, laws about killing or arresting people for being black. Yeah, they were often treated unfairly and killed or arested for stuff they shouldnt have been because of their skin color but they werent criminals just for existing (and yes, I understand how often african americans were wrongly acused and killed). SO yeah, they're pretty equal, and considering the way he looks at homosexuals and talks about rasicim, he's pretty hypocritical.
Also considering how much racism has declined compaired to homophobia, there is a big difference.
Violent crimes againt black people have gone down much more than violent crimes against homosexuals.
He was also against a bill preventing buisnisess from firing people based on their sexual orentation, and...wait, wasnt there a similar bill regarding race at one point? Hm...