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Jun 26, 2013 davejohn commented on Supreme Court Punts on Prop 8, Thereby Clearing the Way for Gay Marriage in California.
vaughn walker, united states district chief judge wrote a fucking amazing decision that created this perfect....strong....untouchable thing....it was built to withstand anything and to weather the road ahead....it was never written to be a case to change through the supreme court all other states....it was written to be for California, and so it is:) it held up....it kicked back to his rock solid ruling.........before today, 18,875,850 people could same sex wed...California just bumped that up 38,041,430 more people for a whopping 56,917,280 or 18% of the united states population:) basic math rocks.
Feb 8, 2013 davejohn commented on SL Letter of the Day: Today's DTMFA.
past sexual history, keep it simple stupid....if asked, honestly say more than 2. If asked during an orgy modify the number of people and add one. the first is whoever was first and the other one is who your with....the honesty part is the more than statement. simple, true, and just a gosh darn good way to answer that question. ..if people think it's a stupid answer then they shouldn't ask the question...:)
Jan 12, 2013 davejohn commented on New Game! What Phrase Will Republicans Use to Redefine Rape Next?.
winning answer to the game: Next up the Republicans will switch things up and when some case of rape where the female was drunk and or passed out happens they will attach the left for accusing such fine upstanding good christian boys of being rapists and applaud the girl for being responsible and not driving while intoxicated, this line of reasoning will enable them to say the girl was just too responsible to "let" herself be raped....the evidence is unshakable, no dui = no rape = liberals hate boys and want them to be registered sex offender felons so they can't use there god given right to purchase a firearm"
Apr 28, 2012 davejohn commented on Savage's Great New Shitstorm.
after reading all these stories about dan today I get a nice email from 'goproud' :

GOProud Condemns Dan Savage’s Anti-Christian Tirade
Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud Executive Director – “Dan Savage’s outrageous anti-Christian tirade hurts – not helps – the fight for gay rights in this country.”....

wow, the gop must pull a name out of a hat each week and go to town....dan's name shouldn't be in that hat.
Jan 7, 2012 davejohn commented on Only Santorum Has Gotten the "Santorum" Treatment.
rick is short for richard, I much prefer dick as short for richard, nixon pulled it off, mr santorium should go with dick too.

Dec 6, 2011 davejohn commented on What Could Happen in Iowa.
my dream is for ron paul to go full on crazy old man, put his hands in the air, boasting that he's had enough and he's leaving....not just leaving the congress but america too.....a small country to call his own, and all his idiot fans can follow him and kiss his feet.

I don't like ron paul, there's not one thing worth liking about him, any thing anyone thinks he's got a good idea on(like war and such), realize that ron paul is the one talking and if on one level your liking him, the underlying man is just wrong.

i hate when people say he's not really a republican, "he's more of a libertarian"....i want to punch them, his current voting record has him voting 71% with his party, and usually higher then that, he has missed a lot of votes lately with the whole fantasy president thing he's doing.

and let us not forget, unpasteurized milk across state lines, i'm in Oregon, i should be able to buy my milk as i want it from cows in Washington, regardless of it killing me or making me really ill. i really don't like ron paul,

although, I would love to read the consitution that he always talks about because it's not the one I've read....the man is f*cking nuts..

alex jones and the birch society like ron paul....how that doesn't raise more red flags is beyond me.

if anyone ever thinks, "ron paul has something there"...or "maybe ron paul is right", or "ron paul is great about forign policy"....take a moment and force those ideas out of your head....it only enables him.

ron paul is not so much my hero.

Jun 25, 2010 davejohn commented on Hutcherson's Rainbow Connection, Explained.
my embeded link didn't work, check out the best jesus thing ever..

Jun 25, 2010 davejohn joined My Stranger Face
Jun 25, 2010 davejohn commented on Hutcherson's Rainbow Connection, Explained.
I love this image I found one day online....From jesus

I was searching for something to offend Christians. It fit the bill, on the image it states that "The son of GOD will never say no", I will often quote this to bible people that if you accept Jesus and ask if being gay is alright then Jesus must say yes since he doesn't know how to say no. One reply I got was that Jesus only says yes to the correct questions, personally I think if Jesus was real then this flier would better represent him than any modern day dogma.