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"nature is satan's church"

Oct 3, 2011 Jason58A commented on Salt Lake City, Washington.
"started running ads on buses to combat their feelings of alienation"

They feel alienated? Don't they have a god they can go bitch to? Why make the rest of us suffer through their stupid ad campaigns?
Sep 15, 2011 Jason58A commented on Who You Wanna Take Sex & Relationship Advice From?.
Sex advice from the Pope:

Dear Pope,
I am gay and [some problem]


Dear XX,
I'll see you in Hell.

-The Pope

Sep 12, 2011 Jason58A commented on To the World: Back Off! Words from a Muslim Woman on Her Way to the Netherlands.
"I may decide that I have to find another way to express my faith and live it!"

She may decide as such. I doubt many Muslim leaders are going to cotton to her faith as she chooses to express it.
Sep 10, 2011 Jason58A commented on The Superman Boycott: All's Well That Ends Well.
In the assraping/blood explosion comic used in comparison with Superman, why does the top shout "momeee" at the moment of entry? And why does the bottom say "squishy squishy" while being fucked? It looks like a rape but "squishy squishy" is hardly a protest. I demand to know more.
Aug 30, 2011 Jason58A commented on The Talented Children of North Korea.
Justin Bieber is better
Aug 26, 2011 Jason58A commented on Where Art and Social Critics Come Together: MLK's Memorial.
I think the vision and execution of this memorial are flawed, but what really boggles my mind is the price tag- HOW in the FUCK does an arrangement of rocks (granted, big rocks) come to 120 million dollars?
Aug 16, 2011 Jason58A commented on Bachmann's Anti-Gay Record.
She should get some kind of fucking reward for her absolute inability to answer a straightforward question.
Aug 12, 2011 Jason58A commented on Rick Santorum Backs Gay Rights.
How DARE he. If Santorum were an Iranian he would be first in line on "stone the sodomite" day.
Aug 1, 2011 Jason58A commented on Proof That Republican Presidential Candidates Are Children.
“While I appreciate the extraordinarily difficult situation President Obama’s lack of leadership has placed Republican members of Congress in, I personally cannot support this deal,” [Romney] said.