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@60 Behold the power of belief. I am pretty confident Pastor Hutcherson thinks the Cameron research is valid, and that the facts back up his anti-gay positions. I am almost completely sure he believes he is doing the right thing, that he is serving God, and trying to rescue the poor gay people from the lifestyle that is destroying them. He probably also thinks that he is standing against a horrible moral pollution that is destroying society just as surely as the oil is destroying the marsh ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico. He is probably completely sincere in these beliefs, and, like all of us, has an elaborate system of defense against intrusive counter-evidence.

All of us do this--all of us have beliefs which color which experts we trust, which studies we accept. I am less bothered by this than by the assumption that people we disagree with must be evil. It precludes any real dialog. Progressives do this just as much as right-wingers. Learning to go beyond our moralistic judgments is quite difficult...I have been consciously working at it for years, and I still catch myself thinking that "those people" (conservatives, usually) are morally bankrupt. What helps me most is the work of people like Marshall Rosenberg and George Lakoff.