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Sep 24, 2010 Laurence commented on Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves.
A lot of what you say is valid and would be great if it happened. I live in London and the subsidized theatres there are DESTINATIONS for meeting friends and hanging out and drinking. The National, TheYoung Vic, The Royal Court, The Almieda, Hampstead etc. and you know who drinks the most? Young People ! And a lot of them put down their drinks and go into the theatre and see something - sometimes its great, sometimes its crap but they watch it - and when it's over the come out of the theatre and drink more ( adding to the theatres coffers) and TALK ABOUT THE PLAY. But those theatres are user friendly, there aren't a lot of conveyance charges, and restoration charges and service fees. You go their websites and you buy tickets and you see your locations and they are welcoming. Theatres in the US tend to make it all traumatic and as if they are doing you a favor by selling you a ticket. The theatregoing experience begins with the purchase of the ticket and US theatres have forgotten that.
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Jun 28, 2010 Laurence commented on Kill Me Now.
One of my more liberating moments of the last ten years was the realization that current pop music wasn't written/produced/promoted with me in mind. I had moved out of the target audience. I didn't have to try and keep up. I'm sure I've missed some good stuff along the way but I don't mind. "When Pigs Fly"? "Steel Pier" ? "She Loves Me"? You bet!