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Nov 6, 2012 seatownmolly commented on Why Are There ZERO Ballot Drop Boxes in Southeast Seattle (the Most Racially Diverse Part of the City)?.
I do find it odd that we dont have any drop boxes. se seattle is huge. Much bigger than ballard. I am surprised. Most people sound here dont drive and many are poor so much so that bills are paid in person. I like to hand deliver mtg ballot so I know it got there. I think there is a legitimate complaint to be made bc just loook at the map. Why can't se get one? We are huge!
Jun 28, 2010 seatownmolly joined My Stranger Face
Jun 28, 2010 seatownmolly reviewed Stellar Pizza.
Took at least 45 minutes to get pizza. And while you wait, you get to deal with the crappy server that may be nice once and then be a total bitch the next time you come in. It is touch and go.

Plus, not only is the pizza expensive, but it doesn't compete anymore. There are better places out there now. Why spend 25 bucks on a pizza, when I can spend 18 for a way better pizza and Flying Squirrel? With a cool atmosphere?

Nah, this place sucks now. A couple years ago I would have given them 3-4 stars. Today, they only get one, and that is because they have yet to improve and only get worse.