Mar 21 garumph commented on Trump Doesn't Give Two Shits About His Supporters (And Neither Should You).
The trick is for the Democrats to be ready in 2/4 years with a truly populus platform and a direction to lead us out of the inevitable mess we are descending into.
Mar 2 garumph commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Italian Teen's Girlfriend Comes Out & Dumps Him. Now What?.
I love "sticking the dismount". That should join the lexicon.
Mar 2 garumph commented on Bertha Stopped Because the Machine "May Be Several Inches Off" Tunnel Alignment, State Says.
I know the stranger has it in for Bertha, but this is a non story. A few inches off is fine. That is one of the reasons they stopped, so they can evaluate and make sure they hit their target during the final push.
Dec 28, 2016 garumph commented on Pop Life: The Hologram of Princess Leia.
I thought Leia looked a little off too. So did Tarkin. The CG effects are good, but not quite perfect. There is some sort of unnaturalness where parts of the face were flexing naturally, but the rest stayed rigid. A couple more years before they perfect the technology.
Sep 14, 2016 garumph commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He Wears Short Shorts.
I shaved my legs once when was biking. Wanted to look pro. Way too much work to keep up and looked like hell when it was stubble. I can't even keep my face shaved.
Sep 1, 2016 garumph commented on The Morning News: Washington State Ferries Seeing More Forgotten Cars, Bill Nye Gets Science Show on Netflix.
Forgetting the car is easy. It is the routine change. People who usually walk on, but for some reason needed the car that day so they drove. Once on the boat they got back into routine and walked off like normal.

When I rode the bus regularly, it wasn't unusual on the way home in the evening to hear someone say "Oh shit! I drove in this morning". Break routine and it's easy to see how it happens.
May 3, 2016 garumph commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Soft Serve.
I had this issue when I was younger. The first time with a woman, I had a hard time performing. The more I was into her the worse it was. I called it "performance anxiety" and it went over pretty well. I made sure my partners were taken care of, and usually it was reciprocated and after a couple tries I was able to respond. Now I just pop a cialis, but after 30 years of marriage, I don't see too many new faces in bed.
Sep 16, 2015 garumph commented on Kid Brings Clock to School and Gets Arrested Because His Teacher Thought It Could Be a Bomb.
Being concerned? OK.

Arresting him in handcuffs because you are too fucking stupid to recognize what is a bomb and what isn't? Not OK.

Over 6 police officers and none of them had a clue? Stay the hell out of Texas, we should let them leave the union, the collective IQ will skyrocket.

Jul 17, 2015 garumph commented on Underage Marijuana Sales on Par With Underage Liquor Sales.
I don't see how that is possible. Every pot shop we have been in has had strict ID checks at the door (and we have been in several). You couldn't even get in to browse without valid ID. Are some more lax?
Jan 27, 2015 garumph commented on Elysian Brewing CEO on Anheuser-Busch Sale: "They Want Us to Create More Cool Shit.".
as of last year there were over 2700 breweries in the US and over 200 of those were in Washington State. This is the way for InBev to start squeezing out the independent brewers. The privatization of the alcohol distribution industry has already hurt the small brewer. InBev can force anyone who carries bud (and face it, lots of folks want it) will need to carry their "specialty" brands. It take up tap space and it takes up shelf space. We will see a contraction of choice. We have been spoiled by the choice of good beer in just about every establishment around the Seattle, Portland area. Even the dive bars have at least a couple good taps. When I travel I realize just how good we have it. When you allow a major brewer/bottler/distributer to corner that much of the market that they have shown historically that they want to strangle competition, it doesn't end well.