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Jul 9 tigntink commented on Amazon Offers Hachette Authors One Hundred Percent of E-Book Sales.
I feel absolutely zero sympathy for publishers. In this day and age, what the hell do they provide to authors?
Jun 4 tigntink commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
Book publishers are incredibly convoluted and made it incredibly difficult for writers to publish for years. Why are you backing them over a company that made it so much easier for writers to get their work out?
May 25 tigntink commented on I Think OutKast Was the Best Show I've Ever Seen in My Life.
I concur on all the words you just spoke about my favorite band in the whole wide world. It was everything i'd ever dreamed of.

Although I had to move around to avoid stupid drunk girls singing a dr dre song over aquamini :\
May 25 tigntink commented on Festival Virgin, Part Two.
Gold camping is worth every penny and more. We jokingly call the other crop circle - Calcutta. Also the lack of convenient portopotties over there is a nightmare.
May 25 tigntink commented on A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Also the Nick Swardson show was fantastic. Some stupid girl was yelling at him and talking at him the whole show and he finally just mocked her until she left. Shut the fuck up and let the man do his show unless he asks for crowd input.
May 25 tigntink commented on A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
I just got home from Sasquatch - left early due to sheer irritation both from my sunscreen and from assholes.

When you are camping in a camp ground of a shit ton of people. DONT START SCREAMING AT YOUR FRIENDS AT 5am YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. Seriously, 2 mornings in a row. Also inconsiderate fucks dropping their trash EVERYWHERE. I seriously watched no less than 10 people throw shit on the ground right next to a trash can. Also our car ran over a bottle that was also right next to a trash can. What the fuck people?

This festival makes me lose faith in humanity.
May 19 tigntink commented on When the “No Snitch Code” Becomes an Excuse.
@2 There's no neighborhood in Seattle that is a serious "ghetto" and yes - that is literally the job of a police officer is to interview possible witnesses.
May 15 tigntink commented on UCLA Study: Horny People Hornier Than Less Horny People.
This is interesting though because the christian right likes to lump everyone into the same category of horniness. The whole "well I keep my urges in check" spiel they give kids in 10th grade for abstinence. Not everyone has the same level of urges is a good thing to come out of this. Some people get the urge to fuck alot more than others.
Apr 28 tigntink commented on Transit Advocates Have Filed Their Initiative to Save Seattle's Bus Service.
Gonna vote yes so hard that my pen might roll through the paper.

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