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Jul 1, 2010 imagodei joined My Stranger Face
Jul 1, 2010 imagodei commented on Re: Christians Protesting At Pride.
Allow me to (hopefully) be the conservative Christian voice of reason here.

Are homosexual acts necessarily sins in the eyes of God? I believe the voice of Scripture is unequivocally 'yes'.

Are Christians called to, or even justified in, mistreating, maligning, or otherwise treating homosexual people with contempt or disrespect? Absolutely NOT.

Should the Christian stand up and act when the homosexual person is treated with contempt or violence? (eg. the gay kid is pushed into a locker at school and beat up). Yes. And I'm convinced that this is what these people are doing, and I support them for it.

In short: my conservative Christianity that leads me to call homosexual acts sin is the same belief system that tells me that homosexual people are God's image bearers and that if one of them is treated with contempt, then the image of God is treated with contempt. The Christian is called to stand against oppression wherever he finds it, and I am glad these people are doing so.