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Feb 11, 2013 CameoAmalthea commented on Anti-Gay Bigots at High School In Indiana Can't Ban Gay Kids From Prom....
It would be cool if we could make the school's prom the best prom ever. They're allowing everyone to bring who they want, and the bigots want to go to their separate prom in the gym with their little DJ. Wouldn't it be cool if we could give money for the school to have their prom at somewhere awesome with a celebrity performance? Reward the school and kids who embrace tolerance.
Nov 29, 2012 CameoAmalthea commented on Savage Love.
I'm one of those that wrote in arguing that in my experience poly is something I am rather than just something I do. In my husband's experience monogamous is something he is while poly is something he's does to indulge me. He's also straight and has kissed a guy because he knows I think it's hot. My problem with Dan's premise isn't just coming down on a different side of "do vs are" it's based on the assumption "If all people are naturally nonmonogamous—a point I've made about 10 million times". Well, it's been argued that to some degree everyone is a little bit bisexual but that doesn't mean "If all people are naturally bisexual—then from my perspective, gay and straight are relationship models." Because while it's possible for people to "do" heterosexual things or homosexual things, a lot of people are wired to be more attracted to one sex over another. It's a spectrum and people fall along different areas. The only thing I wish to argue is that perhaps the amount of attraction to monogamy or polyamory relationship models or even sexual attraction to other people while in a monogamous relationships differs between people and falls along a spectrum. Some people are innately driven to do "poly" others are driven to do "mono" and when these preferences are innate it becomes less like a choice and more like a orientation in that the individual is oriented towards one side of the spectrum over the other.

I also find it sexist that many assume all men want to have many partners and women want monogamy. There are men who aren't interested in being with anyone else and very oriented towards monogamy, my husband is one fo them. There are women who are oriented towards persing poly relationships.

I'm not using orientation to equate poly or mono to gay or straight, it's a different spectrum, I'm just suggesting that such a spectrum may exist and people fall on different places along it. No everyone is equally non-monogamous by nature anymore than every person is equally bi-sexual by nature, even though societies existed where bi-sexuality was considered the norm to some extent.
Jun 29, 2011 CameoAmalthea commented on SL Letter of the Day: Get Out Now.
If the marriage is a good arrangement financially there's no need for instant divorce. One of my best friend's "not step-mom" is dating his dad but is married to another man. The Husband is apparently asexual and they married for financial and insurance reasons. They're great friends and the marriage functions, she just has relationships with other guys. My friend's dad doesn't mind that his girlfriend has a husband, he even bought the husband a Christmas gift and they've all gone on outings together. So marriage doesn't always mean love, and there's lots of ways to arrange a family. So if it would work to stay married as friends and get out there and date then why not? If he'd expecting her to be monogamous and continue to play wife, then that's not fair and they should divorce. However, if you can work something out where you hold off on divorce and cohabitant with marriage benefits then why not? Does it count as marriage fraud?

On the other hand, if it's too painful to just be friends and stay together, and I know after that long it must hurt, then yeah, she should get out for her own emotional well being.
Jun 24, 2011 CameoAmalthea commented on An Abortion Pledge for the Rest of Us.
I get that the pledge is satire, but it's not funny and not everyone will pick up on the satire. Right wing people have been known to not pick up on satire, as in the instances of people railing against Planned Parenthood based on an Onion Article that people didn't get was satire. The Onion Article was over the top ridiculous and everyone should have been able to tell it was satire. This, it's harder to tell it's satire and still seems to endorse bias against who should be parents. I know what you're trying to say. Look how horrible it is not to have a choice, what if the no choice was having to have an abortion, wouldn't that be wrong? But the message just isn't very clear because many might get so upset they stop reading before number 8) and 8 is worded strongly enough to really drive the message home, in my opinion.

I'm pro-choice. I am the child of a drug addict, I was born with drugs in my viens and raised by my mother in poverty until she lost custody when I was 14 after relapsing into addiction when I was 12. I have no idea why she decided to take the pregnancy to term, but for 12 years of my life she was a good mother. My experiences make me who I am today.

I get angry when people say certain people shouldn't be allowed to have children. I understand that this isn't what you're saying, it's satire, but people do say it. Instead, I wish people would do more to help the children who exist. Instead of saying poor people shouldn't be allowed to have children, why not do more so those children have access to health care and education. So that everyone has opportunity regardless of background.

I know child abuse exists. I know many children grow up in homes that aren't ideal. But to say those children shouldn't exist? Do something about the situations, make CPS better, make adoptions easier, do all the things that could be done, but don't even joke about requiring abortions.

Because you know what? Maybe growing up in these situations makes some people who they are. My background wasn't ideal at all, but you know what, I graduated cum laude from University, I start Law School in the fall and my first novel is being published within the year. My boyfriend's mom got pregnant while in high school, her boyfriend's mother pushed her to have an abortion and kept her son from having any contact with her. My boyfriend had a rough childhood. My boyfriend wants to be a pediatrician because he likes working with kids, because he was so miserable as a kid he wants to work in a field where he can help kids and he likes science and medicine so that's what fits him.

I know there are lot of horror stories of kids from rough backgrounds growing up to be criminals. I'm not trying to imply that kids should have to grow up with less privileges and no child should have to endure abuse. What I'm saying is I don't like it when people imply that anyone should have an abortion or that someone shouldn't be allowed to have kids. Sure, if someone is a bad parent their kids should be taken from them, but I don't think parenthood should be a privilege. I don't think people with backgrounds like mine shouldn't exist. I don't think the suggestion is something to joke about.

Yes, if someone is using drugs throughout a pregnancy they should be forced to go to rehab if they're set on keeping the baby. I'm not saying what my mother did was right. I hate her for what she did. There are times I wish she'd given me up for adoptions, and darker times where I wished I had never existed because my mother abandoned me and my guardians didn't particularly want me. All the same I am glad to be who I am today, and I think that my background is part of me and I'm all right.
Apr 29, 2011 CameoAmalthea commented on Defining Moment.
Just leave them alone. William didn't ask to be born into a Royal family, and Kate was just an average person (her parents worked as flight attendants, she's not from nobility, money yes, nobility no). They're two people, they love each other, they're getting married and it has to be a big deal because of who William is, but I'm sure they don't love the lack of privacy in their relationship. And William seems to be a pretty good person, he's in the RAF, and has risked his life and done good things. Leave sexual neologisms in "honor" of people who deserve the humiliation.
Apr 19, 2011 CameoAmalthea commented on That's Nice.
I'm sure criminal defense lawyers hired by the worst sort of criminals, murders, rapists, child molesters etc. don't agree with the crimes these people commit. However, for justice to be served someone has to argue that side. Is defending DOMA in court worse than defending a rapist or child molester in court. Lawyers defend who and what they're hired to defend to best of their ability regardless of their own beliefs about what's right. What's right and just is for the courts to decide after hearing both sides.
Apr 6, 2011 CameoAmalthea commented on Here's One Way for the Federal Government to Save a Half a Billion Dollars.
No Pell Grants are grants, it's money you get that you don't have to pay back. Pell Grants allow students from lower incomes to seek higher education with less debt.
Oct 13, 2010 CameoAmalthea commented on The Silence of the Lambs.
I was raised Catholic, then attended a Baptist Church in high school, before leaving because I refused to worship with a congregation that supported bigotry.

I joined UCC, which does care about gay rights, and does actually do things.

But I'm as frustrated as you are, because it seems like the religious right has hi-jacked religion. I think maybe the problem is the religious left's opinion is

"Separation of Church and State, what I believe religiously shouldn't matter politically." The liberals and moderates aren't the screaming hypocrites who carry signs. They're the Christians who stay in their churches and reach out to those who want to worship. They aren't shoving their ideologies down other people's throats, including other Christians.

I'm a college student, and we get the crazy people preaching hate, and the liberal/moderate Christians do yell at them. But you can't really talk to these people or change their minds.

Also, the religious left doesn't put it's funding into TV shows or mega churches that get attention, but put money into working to help people.

The problem is, most of the moderate/liberal Christians follow Jesus's words about it being better to pray in your closet than make a show of praying. They're the quiet Christians who make their faith between them and God, not a flag to wave around. They're not on TV, or telling other people what to do on the streets.

And the question is why do the religious right get more attention? And I don't think they're a minority. I think a lot of people are conservative. So how does the religious left stand up. How do the Christians who are against this bigotry stand up to the other Christians.

We can leave bigoted churches and denounce what people say, but I have no idea how to get liberal religious leaders into a national spot light. Maybe someone should try to launch an campaign and get the religious left together, but I don't know who. I don't think I can, I'm just a college kid. I'm not a religious leader, or even a regular church goer. I consider myself a Christian and want something to be done to undercut the religious right, but I have no idea what could be done.
Oct 12, 2010 CameoAmalthea commented on Savage Love.
I still wish you'd mention the good Christians more. I'm a member of UCC, and my denomination believes in gay rights and accepts homosexuality. I know you posted the video from a UCC pastor earlier this week, but I think it would be nice to mention in your column that you're not attacking all people of faith, you're specifically attacking people like L.R. who choose to use their religion to justify bigotry. I don't know if you made that clear in the interview they were referencing, I didn't see it. I'm just saying, the good Christians don't get as much press, because peace and non-judgment tend not to be as vocal, although the UCC has been pretty vocal in its support of gay rights.

Also, just want to say. I know tons of straight guys into Futa (dickgirls). So he might not be bi. The way one friend explained it. I like women, but I know how to pleasure a penis since I have one, so girl with penis is appealing. Because I guess girl parts are more of a rubik's cube so it's easier to fantasize about cock, because they know how to get one off. So lots of straight guys like that, and it's generally considered gay. So if the person he hooked up with was trans, he might just have a kink rather than an orientation. Also, if he likes chicks with dicks, as she asked if he'd be into role play with a strap on?
Sep 28, 2010 CameoAmalthea commented on Don't Be Such A Fucking Dick, Faggot.
What I don't get is why we need gender specific derogatory words. Bitch for girls Bastard for guys, Dick for guys Cunt for girls. Or why the words then come to have different meanings. A bastard or bastard like behavior seems to have a different connotation than a bitch or bitchy behavior. For instance a guy can be acting like a bitch but not be quite up to bastard level. Then Cunt generally more taboo of a word than Dick. "My dick in a box" anyone? Cunt is, for some reason, one the worst words out there. I really don't get that either. Or why girls can't use the word the same way a guy might say "well you can suck my dick!" why can't a girl say "well you can lick my cunt!" Aside from the fact if said to a straight guy, much like "kiss my ass" the guy might say "loved to". That aside, by making cunt so much worse than dick, isn't that furthering the inequality if the not nice terms for guys and girls which are pretty much equivalent. And again, why the his and hers terms?