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Jul 3, 2010 rev_sacrilege commented on Reason, the State, and the Faith Healing Nonsense in Oregon.
Am I the only jerk in here that thinks it may just be better to let this offspring "faith heal?" It's called natural selection, and if you're that big of an idiot, maybe you shouldn't survive.
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Jul 3, 2010 rev_sacrilege commented on Re: Christians Protesting At Pride.
These are the same assholes who literally believe burning bushes can talk, so I don't hold them up as a paradigm of intellectual honesty and integrity.

If queerness is soooo bad, how is it that the books selected to be included in the Bible do not portray him uttering a single word about queerness? The simple fact is that these assholes are insecure about their own manhood and sexuality, and refuse to evolve, because they have the power to make other people change through fear, abuse, and intimidation.

One can only hope this "Rapture" of theirs comes soon, or they decide to make their special kool-aid and rapture themselves.