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Oct 24, 2010 Ciaochowbella commented on Texas High School Kicks Cheerleader Off Squad For Refusing To Cheer For Her Rapist.
I keep seeing everyone bash Texas as if that is the only place this sort of patriarchal bullshit happens.

Got news for you, kiddies, rape apologism and the old boys' club is alive and well in the ENTIRE United States, not just Texas. In fact, student rapists are almost NEVER convicted and imprisoned for their rapes and the average student rapist will rape 6 women by the time he graduates college. For some reason, it's deemed acceptable to rape a woman in high school or college in this country. There have been cases where the rapists have been caught in the act by others or confessed to the rape and they've gotten off.

Face it, fellow Americans, rape is not considered the outrageous and heinous violation of a person's physical autonomy that it should be. All too often it is excused with variations of "he's really a good guy" or "she was asking for it". NO! If he rapes, he's not a good guy and she never asks for it.

Don't blame this one on Texas when there's plenty guilt to spread around.
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Jul 4, 2010 Ciaochowbella commented on Savage Love.
The full stop works. Almost every single time.

I absolutely LOATHE being spanked during sex and I make this clear before I'm ever naked with someone. However, the occasional guy forgets and smacks my ass. I use the full stop.....and it works.

I've only had one man smack my ass twice. He ended up on the porch, naked, with his clothes in his hands.