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May 31, 2012 really old guy commented on Ground Zero.
Sartin is not "going after the Sisters," he has been assigned to come up with a solution. Remember, Bishop Wuerl came here it "investigate" Bishop Hunthausen. His comments? "I find nothing wrong with this bishop." Sartin as bishop is required to "toe the party line" What he thinks in private and in ministry to individuals we do not know.

The Vatican is wrong in their pursuing the Sisters, it was instigated by people from the East coast.
Let us refrain from judging until we find out what Sartin has to say.
May 25, 2012 really old guy commented on No Bridging While Beering.
OK, this story really lit me up. (Sorry about the pun…)
First, WAC rules specifically refer to “on the clock” it does not mention on site after hours. The hours are 6 AM to 2:30 PM. Secondly; this is not a construction site where there is zero tolerance. This is an office where the bean counters and timekeepers live. Who cares unless they are screwing up someone’s paycheck. As for any relation to defects in the first pontoon, the defects are a design issue, talk to the engineers of the design outfit. It is a common joke in the construction trades, that we live under this zero tolerance for intoxicants. However, design folks like architects and engineers obviously do not when you see the shoddy work that emits from their desks. We in the trades have to figure out just what they meant and then try to correct what they have designed.

As for KOMO, many of them have weed tucked in their purses or pants pockets. How many of their reporters and cameramen zip around town in a KOMO vehicle mildly wacked out of their gourd? Get a life KOMO!
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Jul 7, 2010 really old guy commented on Nothing Has Ever Gone Right.
Boy oh boy, talk about revisionist history. I seem to remember a small minority of Seattleites against the tunnel, deep or shallow. I do seem to remember the vast majority demanding a tunnel, deep or otherwise. At least that is how I read it in the Times and PI when they would report it. Perhaps the Stranger used different ears listening to the debate. As a person living outside the city, my personal preference would be to tear it down and redirect traffic onto the surface streets, like it was before the viaduct. In the 40 it only took an hour to get from the ship canal to Boeing plant II on the surface streets. I would suggest that we remove all motor vehicles from the downtown core and turn it into a giant pedestrian mall.