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Jul 7, 2010 brookswift joined My Stranger Face
Jul 7, 2010 brookswift commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
I just got back from a tour up through the pacific northwest (ending up in Seattle) with my Burlesque/can-can troupe. I wouldn't call us real burlesque because we rarely even take many clothes off, but I saw a lot of what you speak of everywhere we went.

We were lauded as new and amazing because, well, we weren't just coming up on stage and taking off our clothes. We had dynamic stories in our dances, actual dancing, and attitude. Plus, nothing's quite like those glimpses of ruffly panties, garters, and stockings awash in the ruffles of a can can skirt.

Your point about MCs is spot on. I've been forced to MC some of our shows. As the token man in my all girl troupe, I often have the extraneous responsibilities. People forget how hard it is to be a good MC and how rare and wonderful a good MC is.