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May 3, 2012 Rainer_the_Clown commented on The Old Parking Fight Is Over! (Let the New Parking Fight Begin...).
It is going to be great when the young generation starts to procreate. When all these 20 somethings with their "progressive" ideas start to realize that riding the bus or a bike to work is completely impracticle. Or when in turn they are forced to leave Seattle, because their worthless degree that they paid 150,000 for is nonfunctional in a saturated market."maybe thats why we have so many baristas" Please keep this "smarter than everyone , Cars are evil" attitude. The fact is:
Living in a condo downtown, our building has building contractors constantly trying to find parking and charging our building for this purpose. this is a direct charge to our tenants/owners. If it cost a contractor $15 dollars to park then it costs the building $20. When the contractor has to drive to kent to get parts, this is added cost. However in reality we should ask these contractors to ride a bus to kent and pick up the parts, or have a bicycle messenger deliver them from the wall built around our city where all vehicles are stopped. This un-realistic approach is a very large problem. It is a spreading ignorance that many younger people spread because they are completely out of touch with reality. My advice stay ignorant, never grow up. Keep wasting your parents money, so they cant retire EVER. But, please do not complain, when any service that is crucial for a city to operate is now 10x the price and the bicycle ambulance is running a little late to take care of your kid that is going into anaphylactic shock.
Mis-management from city leaders can take decades to correct. please vote accordingly
Apr 18, 2012 Rainer_the_Clown commented on Another One Bites the Dust.
This story is a bit too late. You act like Capitol is being gutted, the essence of this quaint urban village is being rip apart. Sorry, that happened years ago. Anyone who does not think this neighborhood is "Belltown Hill" is mistaken.
Capitol hill was dismantled and sold to the highest bidder years ago, when higher rents pushed out the quirky demographic that made Capitol hill special. This city is being gentrified at an astonishing rate. The plans that are already in motion by pseudo-hip politicians like Mcginn, and all his corporate lackeys will destroy any semblance of any "original Seattle" left. In Ten years this place will be unrecognizable. And it will be one of the most affluent cities per sq foot west of the Mississippi. After the tunnels are complete and the Yesler terrace is dismantled and replaced with high rise condos that no-one can afford, anyone not making 150,000+ per year will not be allowed in the city.
Sorry, quaint story but its all too late and guess what you guys all voted for it.

And you think republicans are the only bad men out there.
Jul 7, 2010 Rainer_the_Clown commented on What Could Possibly Go Wrong.
16 your point is right on the nail. Our wonderful bike riding, faux-eco warrior, corporate lawyer, mayor. Has got all the wanna-be minds in Seattle brewing,I applaud the research and the article. However its all in The Mayor's little scheme to protect the top 1% populist. (I hate to remind everyone but that is exactly what G.W. Bush did with this country not too long ago.) The real people who will be put out are the developers who have their greedy little hands on the billions of revenue from developing "Our"
waterfront. If you don't believe me then, why did Frank Chopps plan never gain any steam? because the land would still be owned by the state. Not rich developers, like Titan, selig, etc. companies, our Mayor is great at representing by lining his pocket books and by falsely making you believe he is working for you.Just switch those names with Brown and root, or Halliburton, NOT much difference. I guess all you have to do in this town is ride a bike, grow a beard and throw a party at a little thug gangster bar. And everyone in Seattle thinks your on the level. When is this town going to grow up and quit being smart and petty. And start being intelligent and forward thinking?
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