Dec 4, 2013 t4toby commented on New Study Pegs Washington State Living Wage at $16.04 to $30.46 an Hour.
How the hell are you going to live in a house with enough room for 4 people for $944 rent AND utilities?!? Was this calculated for Spokane or something?
Sep 10, 2011 t4toby commented on Embarrassing, Embarrassing Dad: The Seal.
The belly really sells it. After two drinks, that shit is hilarious. Point? --> Dad.
Jul 19, 2011 t4toby commented on Marcus Bachmann Is Completely Heterosexual.
Damn, I meant OneL Michele...
Jul 19, 2011 t4toby commented on Marcus Bachmann Is Completely Heterosexual.
OMG! Michelle really is Bonnie!!!
Jul 9, 2010 t4toby commented on Drunk of the Week.
And so continues the inane saga of the DOTW and it's truly retarded inside jokes. Did anyone that doesn't know Kelly find this funny?

I don't know Kelly, and I don't find you funny.

There always hafta be haters. I WISH I got e-mails like this.
Jul 8, 2010 t4toby joined My Stranger Face
Jul 8, 2010 t4toby commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
I was at the Noc-Noc, standing about 20 feet to your left. I came there to have a great time and was rewarded with a great time. You sat there looking haughty and unimpressed.

Burlesque is about going to a show and enjoying yourself. Evidently you never heard that, or are too icked out by all the vag to get over yourself and just have fun.

The Can-Can number you panned was fun and flirty. The MC was engaging and funny.

I understand you were trying to be critical, but when you start the sow being 'over it' I'm not sure you quite grok the idea of burlesque.

You know why burlesque will succeed where drag queens didn't? Drag queen are not sexy. Burlesque is.