Jul 9, 2010 Hepcat commented on Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Right-Wing, Watermelon-Smashing Maniac.
Wow. Seriously sorry to hear what an asshat he's become. I first saw him before he began a comedy career. He used to be a roadie or the road manager for Jim Stafford (guy who had a couple of hits in the 70s for comic songs, probably best known for "Spiders and Snakes.") Stafford filled in as host for a local talk show that my mother watched every day, which I hated. Stafford himself was so funny and fast on his feet in interacting with the audience that I watched the whole week that he filled it (the guy really should have had his own show). At one point during the week STafford brought Gallagher on, introing him as his (I'm thinking it was road manager) and saying he was really funny. He did the Sledge-O-Matic, and when you were unspoiled for it, it was even funnier. I don't know when I've laughed so hard -- and my mom, who has always hated comedy based on destruction of things, laughed her head off too.

Such a shame that he's turned into such a bitter, unfunny prick.
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