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Costumer, Burlesque Performer, Hard Working Diva.

Sep 28, 2011 Cupcake Arms commented on Chow Bio.
The Atomic Bombshells: LOST IN SPACE show is at the Triple Door! (
Go to the show, and then head to The Lucky Diner for a late night snack afterwards. :-)
Apr 11, 2011 Cupcake Arms commented on Photos From Worn Out: The Stranger Fashion Show.
Thank you to The Stranger for finally hosting a Fashion Show. I hope it is the first of many, and that each time you present the Seattle public with emerging designers. It is a great way for our city to embrace yet another artform Seattlites have to offer. Fashion is objective, and this show had something for everyone. Menswear to Raingear, Drag to everyday attire, it was a good mix for everyone. And what is a Fashion presentation without a little controversy....though I might have liked one of those gals leading a boy around on a leash for a bit. Rowr! :-)
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Apr 7, 2011 Cupcake Arms commented on Worn Out.
Fashion Friends (And Bike Helmet Crushes), To answer a few of the questions posted about stuff being for sale:

All of the items I am showing are custom pieces created for the model, and will not be for sale. HOWEVER, that is what I do, make custom garments. So please do not hesitate to contact my assistant (via the link posted in the article above) to set up a design consult. And as for sizes, I love women and men who like to dress like women, of every size. :-)
-Jamie Von Stratton
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