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Jul 9, 2010 Puritan commented on Banning Children Pooping at the Farmers Market Versus "Accepting Our Natural Bodies".
I wrote the original post. I don't have kids though I do live right next to the park. It was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Pretty surprised people picked up on the Puritan comment as if it was some statement on the actual development of the country. Just joking around a bit.

I still don't see the what all the uproar is about. Kid shits in the park. Parent PICKS IT UP. There is no epidemic in that park with feces laying around everywhere (human or dog). Is it a bit strange, yes. Is it something to get outraged about, no. Does it somehow lead to the spread of communicable diseases? I don't know, but people who frequent dog parks in the city don't end up in some sort of E.T. like tent-structure outside of the CDC in Atlanta.

You're right, it's not about nudity, it is about relieving oneself in public. I don't think people should make a habit of it. I just find it funny that a kid taking a crap on the ground freaked people out so much. Somehow a baby running around with a load of shit in its pants is more sanitary than letting it drop on the ground and then picking it up. People need to relax.

Fucking Puritans.