Mar 11, 2011 nic28 commented on F Is the New H.
"If we're doing it, we'll freebase, because we want to be all sleazy, you know?"


Bullshit. You lame-ass hipsters are just too big of pussies to mainline your H of F like a real man. If you're going to have an addiction, at least take it all the way. Fucking tourist. You hipsters can't do anything right.
Aug 20, 2010 nic28 commented on Tonight in Music: Digable Planets, Lisa Dank, Decapitated, Black Happy.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but will teh DPs have a backing band tonight? Going regardless, but would be phenomenal if there were some horns...
Jul 9, 2010 nic28 joined My Stranger Face
Jul 9, 2010 nic28 commented on Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Right-Wing, Watermelon-Smashing Maniac.
Awesome. I'm going to see the Nuge this August for what promises to be an equally depressing spectacle. Care to tag along?

Oh, I may be a horrible person, but I did find this line kinda funny, seeing as I'm a guy with a big belly "She wants a penis, but she has a big belly. If you can't see your dick, you don't get one."