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Jul 11, 2010 initforthelonghaul joined My Stranger Face
Jul 11, 2010 initforthelonghaul commented on Banning Children Pooping at the Farmers Market Versus "Accepting Our Natural Bodies".
Very interesting reading. I will add to this that the Columbia City farmers' market has a perfectly good porta-potty, very near where most of the trees are. (It also has a nice clean public library, with bathroom, about 100 feet away, for those grossed out by your average Honey Pot.)

I'm going to give the parent the benefit of the doubt and say that it sounds like they were probably using "elimination communication" with a very young child, (ie, under 1 year old) and they probably didn't anticipate the feces part of it until it was too late. And bless them for responsibly cleaning it up.

However, can I just throw out there, as someone who enjoys spending time in the public parks, that nature did not design such a small area to absorb as much urine and feces as they get from the local dog and cat population, and if we could please agree to at least keep human waste in the sewage system that several thousand years of civilization has so kindly designed for us, I think that would be really great. And, you know, healthy. Peeing in the woods is one thing, peeing in a heavily populated park is another thing entirely, and it seems like you might as well teach that to your child right off the bat. Especially when there's a porta-potty and a library RIGHT THERE. (Also, you can find a potty that is very small and portable, and if your using EC, you really need to be carrying one around with you.)