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Sep 15 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
LW2 is the definition of male entitlement.

Based on the letter I doubt that the woman posts "highly sexualized photos" at all. (At the beach?! Heavens! You might see some calf! I may faint.)
Sep 8 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
I never think about anyone but my girlfriend while having sex. That is true for me as well.

Other times, however... Fantasies happen.
Sep 1 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love.
That last letter writer seems to be getting paid every time he writes variants of "explor[e] [one's] feminine side by wearing female clothes."
Jun 24 Gou Tongzhi commented on Who Sent the Dumbest Tweet in Reaction to Brexit?.
That Washington GOP tweet is not dumb, actually. It makes perfect sense. It is a not-so-subtly coded message that it is now 'Merica's turn to kick out the colored-type immigrants.
Jun 5 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Little Big Man.
I realize that opinions may differ, but going by what I read, I'm standing by the asshole characterization. He sounds a lot more entitled than insecure to me.

@19 nailed it about the sad duties of women to protect the big strong man's fragile little masculinity.
Jun 4 Gou Tongzhi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Little Big Man.
Your penis is slightly above average and your sex life is far above average. You have no complaints. If this letter is real and not a weird anonymous boast, you, letter writer, are an asshole.
May 23 Gou Tongzhi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Psychopathic Tendencies.
Dan is right. He has seen and published many, many letters that could be yours, minus the psychopathic part. Forget about casting your mind being your enemy as your main problem. Get help for that. And then just get out there.
May 11 Gou Tongzhi commented on Two Teenagers Arrested in Shooting Death of Kent Man.
Shoot him in the head. No, I am not kidding. To hell with him. There are too many at-risk youth who deserve our attention and care. This one lost his rights. End him.
May 3 Gou Tongzhi commented on Ted Cruz Had a Terrible Monday And He's About to Have a Worse Tuesday.
Cruz did a pretty great job sticking to facts and attempting actual dialogue with the Trump supporters, but the latter have all the baptized, brainwashed and beatified in the GOP Church of Not Giving a Shit About Facts, so it was a lost cause. And in a sense he was hoist by his own party's petard.