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Mar 22, 2011 John Brown commented on How Did That Bit About Reaping And Sowing Go Again?.
Caught in the morass he'd impose. Bwahahahahahaha!
Jan 7, 2011 John Brown commented on Atheists Are Fat.
Project Rescue ruined the backs of an entire medium sized police department with their tactic of "going limp" at sit-ins. It was, according to one officer, like hauling dead walruses by the flippers." But then, if it was anyone but fat old churchladies protesting, they'd have grabbed an ankle and dragged, so it's hard to feel that sorry.
Dec 30, 2010 John Brown commented on Virginia Textbooks Claim Blacks Fought For Confederacy, Slavery Not Cause of War, Riddled With Other Factual Errors.
In Eastern North Carolina, in the '80s, I went along on my son's school's field trip to a still working antebellum tobacco plantation where the word "slave" was never spoken. They were "the workers" "the laborers" or "the people." Their owners were "the farmers" or "the family" and the household slaves were "servants." The "slave quarters" were "the workers houses" and the manse "the main house." One ignorant of our history could easily have been left unaware that anything involuntary had ever occurred there.
Dec 13, 2010 John Brown commented on "Wanna see my cock now, faggot?".
I'm straight, white and over 50 and I'd much rather be mistaken for gay than BE a bigoted prick.
Dec 2, 2010 John Brown commented on Transportation Insecurity Administration.
I'll bet they've gotta grope a hell of a lot of frogs before they get a prince.
Dec 2, 2010 John Brown commented on SL Letter of the Day: Do We Invite The Daughter's Ex For Christmas?.
My sister-in-law's partner is my favorite in-law by miles, but because of my wife and her sister's estrangement after their mother's death, we haven't spoken with or seen each other in years. I miss her and would love to be able to share the pain and elation that this new ethic of acceptance and it's back-steps with her at the end of a life in which she has she has borne great indignities and outrages on account of her sexuality. Our siblings' partners, straight or gay, often become our own loved ones over time and separating from them out of primary loyalty can be a wrenching experience. Thanks Dan for voicing the responsibility needed in love and family matters.
Nov 23, 2010 John Brown commented on Former High-Ranking Catholic Theologian: Church Overrun With Homosexual Homophobes.
Allow me please my differently/non-believing friends, some Catholic angst. It seems to me that this reactionary conspiracy to define queer people outside of God's love for the first time in 2 millennia, is but the tip of the iceberg. This radical and toxic mixture of outrageously flawed dogma and authoritarian political theory represents a dangerous threat to modernism itself. It must be opposed and defeated from within. One dark age is more than enough.
Nov 23, 2010 John Brown commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pedo Or No?.
I spent my whole 20s chasing the same 19 year old petite hardbodies, then suddenly, at 30, after I accidently dated a grown woman, I couldn't go back. It was like a first taste of sugar or something. The whole "talking and thinking on the same page" thing was like finally growing up.
Oct 24, 2010 John Brown commented on Re: "The Silence of the Lambs".
@46KIP, Yeah that's it. We need to do the work of changing minds in even the most hateful and stagnant congregations of our faith because those hateful stagnant minds are the ultimate sources of pain and oppression of queer people, but we should avoid wallowing in our own glory pointing out how much better we are than "them," because that's "their" argument and not ours.
Oct 22, 2010 John Brown commented on My Reaction to the President's IGBP Video.
"This doesn't have to pass muster with the Texas Board of Education."

That deserved repetition.

It's impact among us straight folk cannot not underestimated. Suddenly, that gay child just might be our own; and that, as you know, changes EVERYTHING!