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My main beef with this admittedly interesting sounding book (I've only read the exerpts on the authors' website) is being asked to see 10,000 years of human evolution as a tiny amount of time. Yes, in the history of the world it is a miniscule amount of time, but if we consider how much influence one generation of humans has on the next then the amount of development and adaptation of our our species over thousands of years is very significant. Of course human behaviour will change over its history - the stone-age was the human race's infancy. And look where all that healthy sexual sharing (probably) got us - civilisations wiped out by STDs.

The natural/unnatural argument is filled with holes when it comes to sexulaity. This book basically seems to bring science's view of sexuality back round to 'for pro-creation only'. Where does homosexuality fit in here? Just another symptom of straying from our 'natural' baby-making state? Is it time to throw away the condoms? They're not natural and are most likey detrimental to psychological well-being as they stop us making babies. Do rapists now have a new excuse to use in court - "I couldn't help myself, I'm genetically predispositioned to want to have sex with any ripe looking woman I see."?

Human sexuality and the history of eros is so much more fascinating than monogamy=bad polyamory=good. There is no such thing as 'normal' and every relationship is different. We now live on an over-populated planet- our reasons for having sex have adapted and changed into many wonderful and disturbing shapes as we no longer desperately need to spread our genes. The memory of this need may well still be hard-wired in us and this book's findings certainly seem to help diagnose this. Having monogamy hammered home by government interference as the preferred ideal way to conduct a sexual relationship is patronising and damaging, so 'Sex at Dawn's message does go some way to offset peoples guilt caused by failing to live up to societies unrealistic expectations.