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Mar 4, 2013 rockinrobbiesf commented on In Which I Imagine Having a Sweet-Ass Rack.
Was kind of hoping the reporter would don a fair of fake breasts and make some observations on how she was treated differently (if at all). Then she wouldn't have to imagine!
Feb 12, 2013 rockinrobbiesf commented on Doctor Who Crusaded Against Comic Books Was Manipulating His Data.
Could you please change the caption!! I had to read it 3 times because I couldn't believe my beloved Doctor Who would crusade against comic books!
Dec 6, 2011 rockinrobbiesf commented on As a Gay Parent....
Re: the "update" (i.e., @71), that completely changes the story of whether or not the mother used the kid as a prop and "forced" him to confront Bachmann. If the backstory is true, then rewatching the video makes it seem as though the mother was in a hurry-up-and-do-what-you-said-you-wanted-to-do-so-we-can-get-out-of-here mode rather than the do-what-we-rehhearsed-so-we-can-catch-the-bitch-on-tape that Savage paints. Just goes to show that we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Someone really needs to confirm or debunk this 'background' claim.

My own first reaction was to think that the kid looked scared sh*tless and the mother was pushy, but I couldn't help but loving Bachmann's stunned expression.
Jul 7, 2011 rockinrobbiesf commented on Hey, Monogamists: What Would You Tell This Guy?.
I'm in a monogamous relationship but really cringe at being called a 'monogamist'--makes it sound as though I disapprove of any other relationship (which I don't) along the lines of sexist, racist, etc. Anyway, if I were in that situation, I'd hope to be able to resign myself to the situation; however, as a compromise, I think I'd try to negotiate to be able to see a sex worker. I can totally understand the jealous (read insecure) aspect of allowing your partner to stray. How will he meet his hookup? In a bar? Any romance involved? Any relationship forming? Anyone they know? There's a lot of questions and the you-can-only-see-someone-once, no kissing, etc. rules seem to make finding a one night stand partner more tricky. However, if he saw a sex worker, it would be a business transaction and there would be much less reason for the wife to feel like she's losing her mate. I'd like to think if I were the wife, that I would accept this as a compromise.
Mar 15, 2011 rockinrobbiesf commented on Far Be It from Me to Use an Alarmist Headline, but Nuclear Fuel Rods Are MELTING THE FUCK DOWN!.
For those who want some "positive" facts:

The fuel in the reactors can't explode, despite what the media says. You could get a steam explosion (flume of radiation) but that is highly unlikely even if they screw everything up.

If we got a steam explosion, then the fuel would stay put. Chernobyl was a graphite fire, which is what spread most of the radiation. These are light-water reactors, no graphite. So nothing to burn. If the fuel melted, it would ooze to the bottom of the reactor and congeal, not flow.

No containments have been breached. There was a worry about No. 2, but it seems secure. The Japanese are continually flooding the cores with borated sea water, which works to keep things cool.

All that said, this is one horrific clusterfuck disaster. Carry on.
Jan 28, 2011 rockinrobbiesf commented on Cat Packs: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?!?.
I don't have a car and have to load my cat into a standard carrier to go to the vet. This seems much easier! (Of course, it depends on the price--I have a feeling the cat backpack may be much more expensive than a standard carrier.)
Jul 14, 2010 rockinrobbiesf commented on If Your Dad's Getting Handjobs From His Masseuse* and Your Mom Doesn't Mind—Or Even Approves—She Probably Isn't Going to Tell You About It.
@70 Metaphors work until they don't so I don't see how dwelling on whether or not a partner may one day sleep with someone else is "like preparing for a car accident". Really? Can I get insurance for that?

My main point is simply that language and arguments used to defend the non-monogamous POV can be just as condescending and offensive as puritanical screeds for monogamous relationships. So some studies and polls say one way may be hard for some people and vice versa. So what? Relationships are hard work to begin with and there's no magic formula so let's stop pretending there is.
Jul 14, 2010 rockinrobbiesf commented on If Your Dad's Getting Handjobs From His Masseuse* and Your Mom Doesn't Mind—Or Even Approves—She Probably Isn't Going to Tell You About It.
@67 I get what you're saying but that isn't how the advice comes across. In any event, why should I need to prepare myself for a theoretical day when me or my spouse will one day have a "brief fling"? Isn't that setting yourself up for infidelity? Or providing an excuse: well, of course, everyone knows that one of us will cheat one day so why not just let it happen. What type of advice is that to give a couple in a monogamous relationship? If it happens, we'll cross that bridge then. It's like telling a healthy person who works out and has a good diet to "beware" of the day when he'll succumb to binge eating and become morbidly obese because, you know, that happens to lots of people.
Jul 14, 2010 rockinrobbiesf commented on If Your Dad's Getting Handjobs From His Masseuse* and Your Mom Doesn't Mind—Or Even Approves—She Probably Isn't Going to Tell You About It.
I'm a gay man in a monogamous long term (10+ years) relationship. Living in the San Francisco. In the Castro. I have no desire to have sex outside of my marriage (yup, we're one of those), yet I feel I'm sexually open and progressive insofar as I see nothing wrong with open, swinging relationships and enjoy reading sexpert advice like Dan or Violet Blue.

However, I can't help feel attacked for being in a monogamous LTR insofar that my "monogamous wannabe" relationship is somehow unnatural or doomed to failure. When I hear that I should be "realistic about the odds" that my relationship is going to fail, I can't help but think, "Well, screw you!"

Isn't there a way to embrace both monogamous and non-monogamous choices without having to infer that one is better, superior or more natural than the other? Just asking!
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