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Jan 17, 2013 wafflemaker commented on I, Anonymous.
I always thought "chode" was the term used for a penis that is wider than it is long...
Jan 14, 2013 wafflemaker commented on I, Anonymous.
Apparently anon has never been to a concert before because pot has always been smoked at 'em. Shit, first time i saw somebody light up a joint was at the first big concert i ever went to some 18 years ago. Am I saying it's right? nope. Just the way of the fucking world.
Nov 9, 2012 wafflemaker commented on I, Anonymous.
Ugh. This anon is horrible.

Anon, please stop being such an ignorant bitch.
Oct 3, 2012 wafflemaker commented on I, Anonymous.
Rape can be funny. And so can drug addiction...
Jul 25, 2012 wafflemaker commented on Build a New Sonics Arena.
Funny how most of the people posting in favor of the stadium just happened to sign up today. Reminds me of the Scientology folks whenever there's an article written about them. They all sign up to the site and pretend to be random people who just happened to see the light when they read the article. Dirty pool mister, dirty pool.

If they want public funds, put the fucking thing up to a public vote.
Apr 18, 2012 wafflemaker commented on Last-Call Killjoys.
God I fucking hate spokane
Mar 14, 2012 wafflemaker commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh the irony... "I hate this group of people because they stereotyped me"
Mar 7, 2012 wafflemaker commented on The Facts on I-502.
Patients against 502, while I respect your position (if I was a patient I wouldn't have any reason to be for legalization either) but why should I, along with thousands of other people be at risk for arrest and prosecution all so you can keep your right to drive while having active THC in your system? I agree, the bill as written isn't perfect, but sometimes you have to compromise in order to get mainstream support. The fact of the matter is I've been watching sensible washington try and fail to get decriminalization on the ballot for quite some time now. Alcohol is not completely decriminalized, neither is tobacco, what makes you think it's ever going to be a possibility for marijuana?

I am not ok with the vast majority of my peers being subject to arrest each and every day all so a select few individuals can drive with active THC in their blood....
Mar 7, 2012 wafflemaker commented on The Facts on I-502.
@45 Like what? Erratic driving? Not using your turn signal? Here's a thought... If you're stoned (or you smoke a lot of dope), don't drive like it and you won't have any issues.
Mar 7, 2012 wafflemaker commented on The Facts on I-502.
"Where in the law is a cop's subjective claim that he smells weed ruled out as grounds for suspicion of impairment and a blood test? "

Ugh! What the hell is wrong with you people? That is the CURRENT LAW. "After I-502 passes, possession of up to 1 oz. of bud, 16 oz. of infused solids, 72 oz. of infused liquid, or any combination of those amounts, will no longer be a crime and therefore no longer provide probable cause for an arrest, the first requirement an officer must satisfy before taking you in for a test."

So this means once 502 passes that will no longer be an acceptable requirement. When you get pulled over now does a 12 pack of pabst constitute a breathalyzer? Nope. Normally I would let you wallow in your stupidity but when you try to spread it like the herpes, that's when I take issue with it.