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kittenalarm is surprised to find out this page exists.
8:15 PM yesterday kittenalarm commented on Matt Hickey Arraignment Postponed—He Has to Be Formally Extradited from Nevada First.
Nice try, Matt. We will still be waiting, and we will make sure nobody forgets, you sick fuck.
2:58 PM yesterday kittenalarm commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.
I want to buy that driver a drink.
Oct 13 kittenalarm commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
@11 look at the charging documents in the article. That isn't his legal name.
Aug 30 kittenalarm commented on The Stranger Is Rescinding Its Endorsement of Erin Jones and Will Back Chris Reykdal in the General Election.
Why does The Stranger even have a comments section anymore?
Aug 25 kittenalarm commented on Speaking Out About the Matt Hickeys of the World Won't Be Enough To Change Rape Culture.
...when you wish almost an entire comments section would kill themselves.
Aug 18 kittenalarm commented on $6 Pho, Meet Your Expat Buddy, the $15 Singapore Sling.
Fuck white people. I hope this place burns down.
Aug 8 kittenalarm commented on Here's Matt Hickey on FetLife, Looking for "Sluts" in Vegas.
That scum deserves a prolonged and painful death.
Aug 2 kittenalarm commented on Three Women Say Tech Journalist Matt Hickey Raped Them Outside of "The Audition" Scam.
Jul 5 kittenalarm commented on Kanye Fans Show Up on Capitol Hill to Watch "Famous," Get #ShoutYourAbortion Instead.
LOL Heidi and Sydney, shut the everliving fuck up. You work at The Stranger. .... so your credibility is like, *maybe* a 4/10. SYA is in manyyyyy other cities, and is not even a year old. You seem to have a problem with the people, not the movement. Petty isn't a cute look on anyone.