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Nov 18, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Bring It On.
yes, please.
Nov 4, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Chase CEO Dimon on Occupy: "I think most people would agree with me...".
Capital speaks, like every other living being, from the ground of its own survival. The only 'valid' protest of capital in general, of 'the system' in general, is that which expands the repertoire of capital, which hones it and expands it. This is only natural, this is nature itself even, albeit out the mouth of one of the machines, but why is that surprising? All unproductive and general protest, all schizophrenic ranting and delirious interventionism, is lock stock and barrel summed by capital on its ledger sheet for such things as cancer, disease, genocide; it is something anti-productive, something perhaps human, all too human. Though we are left the question, what does that word even mean? And who decides what that means, now? Isn't this exactly what comes behind that "I'm sure you will all agree..." Isn't this the real issue?

Perhaps what is inhuman is precisely the anti-productions one finds so often in comment threads on the web, like requests for guillotining, for more war, more destruction, hate of some type or other, blame of some already produced and already labeled representation of some group which might as well be entirely imaginary; this stuff might actually all go straight into the gas tank of capital at large for it to toot toot toot straight into a new industrial sector of frustrated hopes and murder. Demand and Supply.
Sep 14, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Opening Tonight: The Coterie Room.
Doesn't anyone find it exciting that someone is taking the initiative to bring new and delicious food and elegance back to Belltown, which has long lost its title as the foodie zone of Seattle? I'm pretty excited about this. The space is drop dead gorgeous, the servers are knowledgeable and super friendly and the food is REALLY flavorful, if a bit heavy.
Aug 18, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on A New Tax on Dancing.
Besides that this whole thing is absolutely sickening and indicative to our whole shit-fucked state (so glad the rich can still tango in their forest fantasy Medina residences); what we might be able to look forward to as a result are more warehouse parties. Go team!
Jul 24, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Visceral, Violent, Charming.
this is sex.
Jun 25, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Queers Who Sleep with Straight People.
@ nuh_uh re: "asshole"ness : I'm sorry if u felt in some way judged, was just honestly expressing my reaction to something I don't understand.

Actually never mind, I AM an asshole. fuck it. (pardon the pun, or don't)
Jun 22, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Queers Who Sleep with Straight People.
Thanks for layin' the guts out on the table. In my experience, the cult of the str8 (let's not forget the 8) acting is the agent of a second wave of (internal) gay repression. It led to many attempts on my part to repress my feminine side. Lately I've been so bored by str8 looking relationships, including str8 looking gay relationships, that it's incomprehensible to me why anyone would consciously choose such a banal, Betty Crocker, rigidly gender driven life. Isn't the point of the sexual revolution (ancient history that it now is) to open up the question of gender? It sucks that in most of our cases magazines beat us to the punch and made up what we thought was sexy for us, but that's how the industry works. Thanks for confirming that we might not always be haunted by what we think we want.
May 26, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on The Head of the Force That Has Fucked Africa for Years Force-Fucks an African in the Head (Allegedly!).
"The problem with the IMF isn't neoliberalism" apparently it's Neo-Libertine-ism. Sorry couldn't resist the pun.
May 26, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on The Head of the Force That Has Fucked Africa for Years Force-Fucks an African in the Head (Allegedly!).
At least we can be certain M. Strauss-Kahn has read his Sade. Philosophy in the Hotel Room, truly inspirational.
May 3, 2011 discoapocalypse commented on Did Olympia Just Throw Metro Under the Bus?.
Dude, King County needs to secede from Washington