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Jul 16, 2010 dhall2680 commented on Fuck the South.
from a southerner..."fuck the south!" granted the north maybe full of loud mouthed "know-it all-assholes", but they are free loud mouthed "know-it-all-assholes. and one thing the south is not and will never be is free...examples: free-minded, free-spirited, free-willed, free-whatever. i could never in good conscience raise a child in the south to grow up to be a narrow minded bigot afraid of his own shadow(metaphor for individual thought process). the south is a joke and embarrassment to the rest of the country and doesnt know or care to aknowledge it. from the cival war to the bush administration the south has hid behind prehistoric idiosyncrasies that have perpetuated segregation, prejudice(religious, racial, gender, homosexual), and fascism(not just a northern trait) just to give a few examples of the belief system that is the livlihood and breath of the southern elitist and wannabes. theres a jealous traitorist hatefull bloodflow that pumps through the veins of southerners(whites, blacks, mexiacans, asians, everyone really) thats been degrading the priciples for which this country was founded on and will continue to do so until the end of life as we know it. beyond the low cost of living and slightly more livable crime rate the south has nothing more to offer than an inexpesive means to spawn generations of cultural and social intolerance and division. this may seem like nothing more than a simple rant, but there arent any fact or figures that can take the place of life experinces..and i have met alot of people from alot of places..and no matter what those people may have thought of my southern-ass(if they could tell, seeing as i am extremely open-minded, have no southern accent or overtly racist tendicies) those feeling have always been warmer and more accepting than those from my fellow southerners. it quite sad if you care to think about it.....so fuck yeah-FUCK THE SOUTH!