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Hi Dan,

As the Founder and "Grande Fromage" of - a site devoted exclusively to Burlesque videos and the community and also a fan of the art form, I have to say I agree with the general direction of your article.

I'm currently at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, where your article was presented to a group of us on a panel in a press conference yesterday, It was presented as a worrying critique, but as we discussed it, our opinions revealed an understanding of your sentiments and an acknowledgement that in this wonderful and wonderfully fun, sexy community, evolution is actively in progress and a viewing 4 shows in one community is not an adequate enough sample from which to draw wide-ranging conclusions of the art-form as a whole.

That being said, I've seen a lot of Performers and MC's that need to step up their game as far as entertaining and interacting with their audiences, yet I've also seen a lot of performers really innovating the art form, and really work at what they're doing. When they're on stage, they give us more than we expected and the magic happens.

They will grow Burlesque, they will inspire new performers and audience members and they will definitely have a cultural relevance and worth.



PS: The wonderful April O'Peel of the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society in Vancouver posted a considered piece in our CHEEZblog on your article: