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Aug 17, 2012 lepetitchat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Maybe More Vanilla Than I Thought.
She's 23 and has been with the guy for 5 years? And it's her only partner? 2x a month? He's only now allowing sex on his terms? DTMFA because there is just wayyyy too many others out there that are less selfish and more compatible.
Dec 25, 2010 lepetitchat commented on Grant Brissey May Be Losing a Substantial Amount of His Marbles.
@19 That's exactly what I assumed.. empty office? music? thuds and howling? Definitely office sex.
Dec 9, 2010 lepetitchat commented on SL Letters of the Day: Other Possible Explanations.
@5 Seriously - I really was eating lunch and now I'm scarred for life.
Sep 14, 2010 lepetitchat commented on Where Are You Reading Slog?.
In my dorm room at BU
Aug 16, 2010 lepetitchat commented on True Blood: These Things I Believe.
@33 Whiney loon would be an extreme understatement. All she does is quiver and blink excessively, it's painful to watch.
Jul 26, 2010 lepetitchat joined My Stranger Face