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It seems like this whole column is a debate about semantics.
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@36 - Please leave the advice on rape to professional therapists. In fact, it isn't "extremely striking" that Erica was raped twice in one year. It is, rather, extremely COMMON for sexual assaults victims to be the target of multiple assaults by different rapists at different times. There are other contributing factors to this, but often, victims have trouble setting boundaries(sometimes this is due to the previous assault), and sexual predators are emotionally manipulative and clue into this.
It is absolutely unconscionable to suggest that the victim is at fault due to a lack of diligence in her screening process or for any other reason. If you are any sort of decent human being, you should apologize for your uninformed and hurtful comment.
Oct 16, 2010 BadAnne commented on Savage Love.
@23 - I am a Christian who is well aware of history. My church stood up against slavery, marched with civil rights protesters in the 60s, and has ordained openly gay clergy. It is astoundingly ignorant to paint all people of faith with one brush. But then, you're probably one of those bigoted ignoramuses who thinks all people who practice Islam are terrorists. What are you doing reading Savage Love? Wouldn't your time be better spent listening to Bill O' Reilly and Fox News?
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I thought everyone loved porn. I love porn. Also erotica, and cupcakes. I've never masturbated to Savage Love though.