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Jul 27, 2010 ignoranceisntbliss commented on Betty the Gentle Pit Bull.
"Many pitbull attacks involve "the most gentle dog in the world" suddenly and for no reason snapping and attacking someone, often a small child." EVERY pitbull, no matter how it is raised, no matter how gentle it is, is a potential killer."

Do you think the owner is going to say they chained the dog, fed it when they felt like it, never gave it attention, or let their children antagonize it? No, they're going to say "it was such a nice dog", they're not going to admit that they're at fault, they're going to make it sound like a freak accident so that no one can blame them. EVERY dog, no matter how it's raised, no matter how gentle it is, is a potential killer. There has been a case of even a pomeranian killing a baby: ALL dogs are capable of killing (I'm assuming you're saying this in reference to humans, if you mean all animals, many breeds were created with the express purpose of killing vermin or big game animals)

"I really think the desire to own a pitbull is related to the desire of some people to own dangerous snakes, monkeys, or other exotic animals."

A pit bull is not an exotic animal. It is a dog. No amount of selective breeding done over the past 200 hundred years is enough to separate it so far from other breeds that it would override the 15,000 years that dogs have been domesticated. The desire to own a pit bull varies from person to person, just like any person's desire to own any breed of dog is not the same. Some people want a pit bull because of it's negative public image, some people want a pit bull because they know someone with a pit bull and fell in love with the breed, or the dog at the shelter or rescue group that they fell in love with happens to be a pit bull, and they consider the individual dog's personality to be more important than what the media spoon feeds them about how the breed is a mythical beast that will rip your throat out at any second.
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Jul 27, 2010 ignoranceisntbliss commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
If you read nothing else, read this: The University of Pennsylvania's study found that pit bulls rated below average for aggression towards strangers, were in the BOTTOM five breeds for aggression towards owners, and they were in the top five breeds for aggression towards strange and unknown dogs but even that showed only 21% of pit bulls showing any kind of aggression toward another dog.

Incredibly disappointing, as usual, to read the responses here. The average person seems to think that selective breeding is perfect and magic rather than a crapshoot. Do you really think that dog fighters are incredibly talented geneticists, and that behavior and genetics are so simple that a breeding of two aggressive dogs creates a litter of perfect clones? Behavior is FAR more complex than appearance as far as genetics is concerned. Jean Paul Scott proved in his research to selectively breed aggression into mice that IT CANNOT BE DONE (from his book Aggression). You can alter the threshold of stimulation and cause a defensive attack but aggression in terms of an unprovoked attack CANNOT be bred for. About half of the dogs at Guide Dogs for the Blind flunk out every year, and that's with a 70 year old breeding program run by experts and puppies handled from birth to do a specific job. Do you really think that the small percentage of people breeding pit bulls to be aggressive are so incredibly talented, and that there is a magical aggression gene that is so dominant that it effects every single pit bull alive? Not that anecdotal evidence means anything, because it doesn't, but just for fun: my friend owns a Colby dog, a line that has been bred since the late 1800's for dog fighting until it was made illegal, but nonetheless it is a line of very tightly linebred dogs: the pedigree is almost entirely Colby dogs. She is 14 years old and has never shown aggression to a human or another animal, yet her bloodlines are entirely from pit bulls bred for fighting. "For every question there is an answer that is simple, easy to understand, and wrong." And just fyi - BSL has failed everywhere it's been passed. And dogsbite.org is a very obvious hate group run by a single person who (surprise, surprise) was bitten by a pit bull, Colleen Lynch cherry picks her news stories and outright lies.