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Mar 6, 2015 emceeperiod commented on The Morning News: Homeless Families Are Waiting Six Months for Housing in King County.
Sharon Lee doesn't know what she's talking about. There is no source for her claim that 1/5 of the shelter spots are unoccupied any given night. It's an anecdote she made up.
Jul 30, 2013 emceeperiod commented on Council Votes to Leave Homeless Camps Unregulated.
@25; They're already using Magnuson Park for homeless shelter. Friends of Youth and Solid Ground both have emergency housing there.

FOY: http://www.friendsofyouth.org/newGroundS…

SG: http://www.solid-ground.org/programs/Hou…

So, last time you went to the dog park, were you overcome by homeless people living down there? Was the beach like some sort of "bum beach" where there were just dirty bums laying around everywhere?

Oh wait, you didn't notice a difference at all, did you?
Jul 30, 2013 emceeperiod commented on Council Votes to Leave Homeless Camps Unregulated.
11: "Godden would surely have voted differently if her husband had lived in a homeless camp while he suffered from MS."

16: "@11 that's not only wrong, but gratuitously hurtful.

anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the ad-hoc government of these camps would know that there is a lot of creepy "you do as junta says or you're out of the camp". every U.S. city that has directly confronted the issue of tent camps has eventually had to disband them. little pockets of unregulated encampments inside a city are not healthy for folks inside the camps or outside. would you want these folks to move their tent camps to a national park? if not, then they would be better off in some sort of managed housing. "

ME: Yeah, it IS hurtful. Hurtful to everyone you're ignoring. MOST of the campers in Nickelsville have some sort of mental or physical disability. There are people with MS living there because disability only pays between $600-$700/mo. And guess how long the wait for low-income housing is in King County? Seattle Housing Authority - 3+ years. King County Housing Authority - 3+ years. Renton Housing Authority - 5+ years.

Best comment on the thread:

17: "No good bum children and mommy bums. Cancer bums waiting for their disability paperwork. Schizophrenic bums. Elderly half-blind bum with his bum dog. Foreclosed bum family and the bum mobile they live in. GET THEM OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM YET? "
Jul 30, 2013 emceeperiod commented on Council Votes to Leave Homeless Camps Unregulated.
"A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members."
May 25, 2011 emceeperiod commented on Last Days.
Maybe there was a rapture it's just nobody is Christian enough to have been pulled! I felt a sort of tug on my collar at one point...
Dec 2, 2010 emceeperiod answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
Dec 2, 2010 emceeperiod commented on I, Anonymous.
"Maybe she had just gotten a phone call that both of her parents died in a car wreck."

No, because her parents are already dead, they died a long time ago, when someone took a picture of them when they were crying and they both exploded!

Oh, now I am making the connection! A man taking a picture of her parents while they were crying KILLED HER PARENTS!

If she is reading these comments, my condolences. but if her parents did really just die in a car wreck, she needs to see a grief counselor, not take out her emotions on small insignificant events. Example? Of course!:

"My parents just died in a car wreck and I was crying on the phone and then a bee stung me! I swear to all that is holy that if I ever see that bee again I'm gonna pull out its eyes and stick 'em down its pants, so the bee can watch me kick the crap outta it, okay? Then I'm gonna use its tongue to paint my boat!" - last part courtesy of Moe Sizzlack

Also, I'm not sure the gender is identified in the piece, so excuse me for assuming it is a woman, but it is easier than writing the awkward "IA" over and over.
Dec 2, 2010 emceeperiod commented on I, Anonymous.
IA is just a baby. What was IA crying about in the car? IA was probably crying about someone else taking a picture of her a few days beforehand, then ironically someone else snapped a picture of her crying about the first picture. And now IA is crying about that. If it's used for an art project the project is probably titled "Perpetually crying about getting photographed while you're crying about being photographed while you were crying". And now IA is crying publicly again. Love the irony.
Aug 4, 2010 emceeperiod commented on Shabazz Palaces Is the First Ever Stranger Genius for Music.
We reach for the stars/to find out how far/we got to go to get ours. You on my mind/I put it on the line/now relax and let me touch your diamonds.
Jul 28, 2010 emceeperiod commented on Capitol Hill Block Party: More crowd shots by Steve Gilbert—are you in here?.
It WAS super crowded though. It has nothing to do with not appreciating bands. It has to do with being able to move around, and even being able to see the band from so far away. I agree with T, CHBP was more fun when I went two years ago. This year it got pretty ridiculous. Not that it wasn't fun, I still had a great time, it just sucks that it's deteriorating in the amount of fun due to the amount of people that go. And I only went Friday, so maybe it was less crowded Sat/Sun. Also when I went two years ago, I got there at 4pm on a Friday to see Common Market and there was no line. This year I got there at 5:30 and the line was over a half hour wait. Donkey Kong!