Aug 7, 2015 galena commented on The Seattle Art Fair Was So Successful, the City Literally Applauded.
I believe that you and Brendan Kiley are two of the few remaining reasons I continue to read the Stranger. I love you both. That said, I am so disappointed that your rave review of the Seattle Art Fair came AFTER THE THING HAD CLOSED. I would have loved to have gone. Too bad for me. Brendan Kiley also does this all the time. "Such and so" was great. It closed last Tuesday. Your jobs should be to let us know ahead of time what is looking really good to attend. Could you possibly do that? Many of us would really appreciate it.
Aug 7, 2015 galena commented on Um, Can We Talk About How More Than 23,000 of You Voted for Goodspaceguy?.
I am heartened to see the Stranger giving a WTF to stupid voting but it's kind of hilarious because for so many years you were advocates of "sending a message" and other playful voting techniques. Glad to see you are apparently no longer. 23K+ votes for goodspaceguy makes me want to 1) puke and 2) leave this increasingly stupid city. Oh well.
Jan 7, 2014 galena commented on Council Member Kshama Sawant at Inauguration: "I Wear the Badge of Socialist with Honor".
Well, huh, I'm for the $15 wage and extreme mass transit and all kinds of good stuff. Kshama's fist, not so much...
Jul 9, 2013 galena commented on I Am a Terrible Person.
@13 Unfortunately, the Stranger is not better than this crap.
Jul 19, 2012 galena commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election.
If someone were to say how much they were hating the city of Seattle and how they were ONLY here until their daughter graduated from high school or college or whatever and they could finally leave this hated burg, presumably out of the state--I mean, would they be moving to Spokane or the Tri-Cities, maybe??...if someone were to say that, wouldn't it make sense that they not be on a paper's committee for political endorsements for said city and state and even fed from Washington State...? I mean, wouldn't that make sense?
May 1, 2012 galena commented on Violence Erupts at May Day Protests, Mayor Issues Emergency Order on Weapons, Protests Continue.
Gosh, Goldy must be so happy! And Charles!!
Apr 28, 2012 galena commented on Another One Bites the Dust.
Not just Pike/Pine corridor...There were and are wonderful 2-story brick buildings all along Broadway too...about half of them gone now thanks in part to the Stranger's rabid promotion of raising the building limit to six stories. Human scale fades to be replaced by the likes of the one-whole-block-consuming Joule with it's chain retail and the similar hugeness of the new structure at Thomas and Broadway. Way to go Stranger, once again.
Dec 18, 2011 galena commented on Of Ice and Men.
Well, golly, I'm from Wisconsin dontcha' know, and I have had my share of skating for like two miles out into the middle of Lake Mendota in the middle of January and getting all scared because the ice was popping loud because of the stress fractures and I was all by myself and I thought I was going to DIE! Sucked down into the depths of that deep lake that the UW Department of Limnology always kept us posted on as to when it "turned over." In the spring, I knew I would come to the surface in the spring.

But I didn't DIE and it was so completely cool and something I will always treasure in my behind vision of my life. IT WAS SO TOTALLY COOL! You can't imagine how cool it was out there.

So, inevitably, I had to go check out the skating rink at Cal Anderson Park, which I thought, and think, is, was, a GREAT idea. What could be better than a skating rink??!!

But what could be better is a rink where people could watch the skaters skating and being happy and Christmassey and all that. It's a first year effort so give the folks a break but don't kill it. It's a great idea! Make it somehow where people that don't particularly want to skate in a teensy weensy little fake pond can enjoy the great joy of those that do! Think Wolman Rink in New York.

As it is, if you want to skate you are funneled into this little entry gate and if you don't want to skate and just want to watch sentimentally and all Christmassey you are shit out of luck because it's all surrounded by chain link fence and an alley.

So good first effort. Do it again. Do it better. We want to watch!

Dec 16, 2011 galena commented on Where Do They Go Now?.
A couple weeks ago, I was waiting to cross at Broadway and Pine and overheard a group of young women behind me talking about Occupy and the upcoming port demonstration. One of them was really pissed. "I work my fucking ass off every day driving that truck and they're going to close down the port?!" she said, wondering what was the point of keeping her from working.

Despite valid issues, makes you wonder about a movement that would adopt this strategy.

Aug 7, 2011 galena commented on A Quick and Dirty Guide to Rejecting the Tunnel.
Golly, how long has it been since ANYONE paid any attention to what the Stranger opines politically? Strident, dogmatic, and petulant always. Make your own decisions on this, people.