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Jun 8 Marooner commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
@108. If the student had gotten up and said "I am offended by your viewpoint, stop expressing it," and Dan had refused to comply, would that mean he's not "trying to be inclusive"? The purpose of this forum was to get people's unvarnished thoughts. By unilaterally claiming the right to censor those unvarnished thoughts, it was the student who was being not only uninclusive, but utterly inconsiderate to the feelings of everyone else in that room. To borrow a term I have nothing but contempt for, that student was claiming a "trans-privilege" to impose limits on that conversation that no-one else in the room possessed.

And by the same token, declaring that someone's gender and skin color are the sole determinants of what topics they may or may opine on, as you do in your final paragraph, are many times more "exclusionary" than using any word, no matter how offensive.

@110 Your "private" versus "public" distinction makes no sense in this context. Dan was the invited guest to a program run by a private university for the benefit of its students who could freely choose whether or not to attend. That's about as close to a "private" setting as you can get, short of Dan talking to the mirror in his bathroom.
Jun 8 Marooner commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
As a generally proud U of C alum (see my username), this whole thing pisses me off to no end. Part of the reason you go the U of C is to be challenged and engaged by ideas that you don't necessarily share and people that you don't necessarily agree with. If what you want is to live in a bubble that only people who speak how you want them to speak and think how you want them to think can penetrate, go to Brown and major in underwater basket weaving. You clearly aren't mature enough to handle "Vita Excolatur."

Oh, and on a side note, I will never, ever, under any circumstances, refer to a human being as "it" in polite company. If a person were to ask me to refer to him or her as "that nigger" instead of using gendered pronouns, I wouldn't oblige either.

May 15 Marooner commented on Sugar, African Labor, and the History of Capitalism.
Other than by arguing that Marxists are inherently better people than Capitalists, what about capitalism (other than the fact that it existed prior to the legal abolitition of slavery) makes it more likely than Marxism to have slavery? Why couldn't a Marxist society decide to treat group of people as chattel just as a Marxist society likely would treat a group of cows as chattel or a group of factories as chattel?

With respect Charles, you have a very strong tendency to associate anything that happens that you don't like with capitalism, presuming, with zero evidence, that such a thing would not happen under Marxism. I remember in particular one post you wrote about how traffic jams, which had resulted from road closures by Chinese central planners, were somehow the result of capitalism. As if (setting aside the question of whether China more closely resembles the platonic ideal of capitalism or Marxism) under Marxism, no one would ever need to go anywhere and need a road to get there, and that that road would never need to be closed for repairs. While the world of Star Trek is something akin to a Marxist society, imposing a Marxist society would not produce the world of Star Trek.
May 7 Marooner commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
This is facile. I can simultaneously believe that a) people have (and should have) a legal right to engage in an act, b) it is morally, practically, financially, etc. inappropriate to exercise that right under certain (or all) circumstances, and c) what I believe to be morally, practically, or financially appropriate shouldn't dictate the terms of other people's exercise of that right. I can call people with the Stars and Bars painted on the side of their cars "douchebags who should rethink their life choices" without handing in my ACLU card.

And as far as "helping the other side" is concerned, acting like a legal "right" comes packaged with zero moral or ethical "responsibility" is a great way to empower those who think the right needs to be taken away.
May 6 Marooner commented on Poly Speed Dating.
Is it weird of me that I find the very notion of polyamory utterly exhausting? Where do people find the time/energy/interest to deal with multiple significant others?
May 2 Marooner commented on Now That They've Successfully Repealed and Replaced Obamacare, Triumphant House Republicans Are Finally Going to Figure Out Benghazi.
@5 And the most pathetic part of that is that they aren't even helping themselves vis-a-vis HRC. They'd be better off just saying "she was responsible for one room and she blew it, so why give her the keys to the whole house." Simple narrative, should win a few points here and there.

Instead they feel the need to concoct this grand conspiracy about talking points and Sunday talk shows, which is never going to get any traction. What voter is going to say "well, I was going to vote for Clinton, but then I found out that a White House advisor (who wasn't Clinton) told another White House advisor (who wasn't Clinton) to tell the Ambassador to the United Nations (who wasn't Clinton) to tell Bob Schieffer (who definitely wasn't Clinton) that the attack was caused by a video, even though that White House advisor had strong reason to believe that the attack may not have been caused by that video."
Apr 29 Marooner commented on SL Letter of the Day: Friendly Fire.
@32 : You should really read your comment to yourself out loud, and ask yourself, if you were someone else reading that, would you agree with your conclusion that "sometimes you can and should take someone's avowal at face value." Because, as someone who has never met you or your ex-husband and has no reason to be jealous or insecure, I don't take your avowals at face value, especially given the (pretty critical) evidence contained in that (pretty critical) parenthetical you make every effort to bury.
Apr 10 Marooner commented on Condoleezza Rice Named to Dropbox Board, Dropbox Users Protest.
Good. I would appreciate it if someone could gather the full list of personae non grata and everything they do in their lives so I can ensure that they don't engage in any sort of business or non-profit enterprise. It would be helpful if the list were somehow color-coded, to indicate these peoples' status as pariahs.
Apr 4 Marooner commented on Saru Jayaraman on Lower Wages for Tipped Workers: "A Draconian, Sexist System".
"Tipped workers are not slaves and the fruits of their labor are not all the property of the owner."

I don't think anyone is arguing that they are the "property of the owner." But if the purpose of increasing the minimum wage is to ensure that workers have enough income to live on, and not simply to stick it to business owners, why should it matter where the worker's income comes from?
Mar 9 Marooner commented on Smart Power, Dumb World.
So you're saying that she's a human being with virtues and flaws who works diligently on problems foreseen and unforeseen, some of which are intractable despite her best efforts? Say it ain't so!

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