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12:14 PM yesterday Marooner commented on How Green Is Her Bullshit: An Uncharacteristically Brief Response to the Green Party Spokesperson's Dishonest Response to My Podcast Rant.
@16 - We shouldn't vote for third-parties for high office until those parties show that they have the organization and the support to win lower offices. Right now, the Greens don't even have the competence or the backing to get on the ballot in more than a handful of states. That they can't bother to do this basic task and then ask for people to vote for them in a Presidential election is an insult and a waste of their resources that could be going to winning seats on city councils and county legislatures.
Jun 29 Marooner commented on How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Bernie-Or-Busters and Love the Polls*.
TL:DR version of @7 - "I am too dumb to actually weigh the costs and benefits of various actions or make reasonable predictions, so please ignore me."
Jun 20 Marooner commented on Wall Street Weighing President Trump vs. Vice President Warren.
@MB - I think you're putting a lot of faith into a silly, thinly-sourced, click-baity Politico article.

@3 I don't see why Hillary would plant this story unless she actually plans to pick Warren. Otherwise, (dumb) people will point to this article and say "see, Hillary is already caving to Wall Street, because there are literally no other possible reasons she might have chosen someone else!"
Jun 15 Marooner commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
@31 - At this time last cycle, Romney was at about 46% in the aggregate polling. McCain was at about 44% in 2008. Trump's at about 39%. Of course, things could always change, but the main-line numbers are pretty encouraging.
Jun 15 Marooner commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
@30 - I'm with Clinton, but If I were someone who really couldn't stomach voting for either Trump or Clinton, I'd go with Johnson, even though my political views are closer to Jill Stein. Because unlike Jill Stein, Johnson is not totally, disastrously, and hilariously unqualified to be President of the United States. If I'm going to cast a vote, I should at least feel like I wouldn't be terrified that the person I voted for might win.
Jun 8 Marooner commented on Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver Extrapolating Desperately.
@17 - I think they have to do something about superdelegates. The original purpose was to allow a candidate to more quickly solidify their support. Instead, what we've seen is that it gives an excuse for the clear loser of the pledged delegate count to hang around longer. IMO, they should keep superdelegates but prohibit them from voting on the first ballot for the nominees. They can have a voice on platform and rules, and can weigh in if there is no clear choice of the voters (in, for example, a three-way race or a John Edwards-type situation), but Dems should eliminate any lingering doubt as to whether the winner of the majority of pledged delegates becomes the nominee.
Jun 7 Marooner commented on Seattle Activist Sarra Tekola Runs Into Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, Curses Him Over Crime Bill.
"He passed Glass Steagall act, which led to the recession" definitely sounds like someone who knows what they're talking about. Yep, this is definitely a person who doesn't base her worldview on half-understood Facebook memes.
May 26 Marooner commented on Donald Trump Clinches GOP Nomination, Sanders and Trump May or May Not Debate.
Mr. Trump appears to have confused "joking" with "lying."
May 25 Marooner commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
@18 - Your "why would people do this..." argument falls flat given that the meaningless primary has many times more participants than the meaningful caucus. Same thing happened in Nebraska. I don't think it's fair to say that "Hillary should have won" since we don't know how people would have voted had it been meaningful. However, I think we can say that a) caucuses seriously depress turnout among groups that support Clinton, and that b) had the caucus states all held primaries instead, many of Bernie's lopsided victories would have been smaller, meaning that Hillary would be even farther ahead in pledged delegates.
May 14 Marooner commented on Captain America: Civil War Is Such a Fucking Mess, I Don't Know Where to Start.
So, because you think that the main character's choices are wrong (a proposition that is wonderfully debatable), that means the movie is a mess? Cause to me, that shows it as something with more depth than your average "good guys blow up the aliens" blockbuster. Also, his actions aren't always shown to be correct: protecting Bucky never actually helps anything, causes all sorts of problems with the government and the other Avengers, and they just end up putting him on ice at the end of the movie anyway.

And Ant-Man's presence is problematic because it make the fight scene what? - more fun? There were never supposed to be deadly stakes in that scene. Because the stakes in that fight were not life-and-death, It leaves the story with somewhere to go when it gets narrower later in the movie - it's just Cap, Iron Man and Bucky, but they're not holding back anymore. If they had been trying to kill each other at the airport, you'd be complaining that it's a mess because the final fight is a huge letdown.

So, to sum up, you're complaining because the plot was well-structured to make the stakes get consistently heightened over the course of the movie, and because the main character's actions were in a moral grey area. Oh, and you still think the movie is "entertaining as hell." Putting a bad movie review into speech bubbles in a comic strip doesn't make it any better than just writing it out as an essay.

Oh, if you don't like the mid-and-post-credit scenes, then skip them. I don't think they put guards at the doors of the movie theater, and you don't need to see any of them to understand the next movie that comes along.