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Aug 6, 2010 foghaze reviewed Wildrose.
I have recently visited the Wild Rose Bar for Lesbians in the community 3 times and would like to share my experience.
The first time I went to the Rose it was Gay Pride. It was very crowded with live music and it was packed. The wait for a drink was about an hour. When I finally made it to the bar the staff did not seem to be friendly at all. No greeting, no smiles no customer service or social skills. However, as stated prior they were slammed. So, I gave them the benefit of the doubt considering the circumstances.
My second experience was on a night with hardly any business. I thought the vibe would be much different than my first experience since it was low key. However, upon getting a drink I was greeted with cold snares and a "what do you want?" attitude.
I am new to the community and no absolutely anyone in town. So, we can rule out if I had somehow made someone mad or had any enemies. After an hour or two I left and decided the Rose wasn't for me and would probably not be returning.
Last Wednesday night a recent friend I met asked me to join her and her friends at the club. I was very hesitant because of my last 2 experiences. I was finally coerced and gave in.
Upon arriving, there was a nice crowd and no wait for a drink so my friends and I head to the bar to get a round. We took our drinks and walked into the Karaoke room for a few minutes and then walked back into the bar area. Just scoping things out. As I was passing by the bar the bartender approaches me practically snarling like a pit bull and hands me back my credit card and told me I was cut off and I had to close my tab. I was shocked, embarrassed and completely baffled and unable to understand why a decision like that had been made especially after only ordering one drink and a shot. I had only been there 20 minutes, if that. I complied with their request and decided to have fun with my friends anyway, I wasn't upset that I couldn't drink I was more appalled as to what had just occurred. And why?
After a while the whole indecent began to bug me and I wanted to know the reasoning behind why I was cut off. I approached the bartender who cut me off and asked her why. She explained that she was told "by an unidentified source" that "she saw me stumble and trip". Now, even tho I was not stumbling drunk and do not recall stumbling, I can see why i might have stumbled or tripped. I was in a serious car accident and almost had to have my leg amputated 13 years ago. This resulted in many physical conditions including loss of balance in my left leg because 1 inch of my fibula was removed. In addition to that one leg is shorter than the other and any slight raised tile or bump in a floor causes me to trip at times. It happens all the time and is sometimes embarrassing when you are walking middle downtown by yourself. Long story short I still continued to have fun with my friends and did not make a huge deal over it. I'm not one to make a scene, after all we were there to have fun with each other and not the bartenders. After a couple of hours I was a tad thirsty and took a sip of my friends beer and they saw it happen and actually got kicked out of the bar! I am a 35 year old professional woman! I have never in my life been kicked out of a bar or even cut off. But by this point I had had enough and was pleased to leave.
So my review of this unfortunate Lesbian bar is probably the most disappointing review of any lesbian club I have ever been to. And I have been to plenty. I'm not sure if I was being discriminated against because I'm slightly femme woman or what? Most people think I'm straight but I am not. I'm not outlandishly femme either. I never wear dresses and can still "carry a hammer". :) I actually felt like I was being discriminated for not LOOKING Gay! Unreal!
Unfortunate for Wild Rose I will have to make the decision to never cross paths with you again. I will also let it be known and inform people of my experience at your establishment. Of all the wonderful people I have met in passing I would have to say these are the rudest people I have come into contact with in the Seattle area. Word to the wise. If you consider yourself remotely femme and/or naturally pretty in the slightest way, I would stay far away because you will be treated like the scum of the earth.