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Sep 19, 2011 Jim King commented on Paid Sick Leave Passes.
Let's be fair to Richard Conlin- his objections were much larger than conbveyed by this article. He objected to proponents- organized labor- exempting themselves from the new ordinance, as well as the many other exemptions included in the ordinance. No one gets out from under any other fair labor standards, occupational safety and health requirements, or public health regulations through collective bargaining, by having too few employees, or by being a new business. What is needed is needed for all employees, not just some employees, and Conlin was the only councilmember with the backbone to point out- and vote against- the hypocrisy.
Aug 6, 2010 Jim King joined My Stranger Face
Aug 6, 2010 Jim King commented on Vote for Stan Rumbaugh for State Supreme Court.
Could the Stranger not get some writers familiar with state election law? That the Johnson-Rumbaugh race will be decided in the primary has NOTHING to do with the Top Two primary. For decades, judicial elections have been governed by different laws than partisan races, and Top Two didn't change anything.

If only two candidates file for a judicial position, it will be decided in the primary. It was that way in the blanket primary days, it was that way during the Pick-A-Party interregnum, and it is that way today.

If basic facts like that escape the Stranger, its writers, and its interns, wehy should I have any confidence in anything appearing in the Stranger?

Here's another secret- if only one candidate files for Superior Court judge in King County, they don't even appear on the ballot, but are already elected. No write-in, no nothing.

At least the single candidate in a state supreme court race, or the winner of the primary between two candidates, has to appear on the November ballot and can be opposed by a write-in. But such basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.