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May 8 Backyard Bombardier commented on Now That Ben Carson Is Running for President, Let's All Laugh.
@57: May I suggest you read this:

Evolution Is Just a Theory!

"The important thing to keep in mind is that the everyday definition of the word “theory” is different from its scientific definition. In common usage, theory often means something like 'guess' or 'hunch'. However, in scientific circles, this is not the case. To scientists, a theory is an explanation of some feature of the world that meets three requirements: it is supported by evidence, is testable and falsifiable, and can be used to make predictions."

In other words...
May 1 Backyard Bombardier commented on Six Baltimore Police Officers Charged in Death of Freddie Gray.
@8: He wasn't in a moving car. He was in the back of a police van. Want to see what that looks like?…

He was placed into a ten foot long metal box and then driven around with no seatbelt and, as his arms and legs were bound, almost no ability to brace or protect himself. It is entirely possible that someone in that position could sustain a severe spinal cord injury.

Fascinating how far backward you are willing to bend to blame the victim here.
May 1 Backyard Bombardier commented on Six Baltimore Police Officers Charged in Death of Freddie Gray.
@5 "[State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby] detailed how officers repeatedly ignored Gray's pleas for help and that officers bound his arms behind his back and put his legs in clamps but did not secure him within the police wagon with a seat belt,"

Arms and legs tied and then left loose to bounce around the back of the wagon.

Is there any case of police misconduct against black men that racists like you won't try to hand-wave away?
Apr 30 Backyard Bombardier commented on NYT Style Section Profiles Newly Married Couple.
@16: Seriously. We are a pretty good test case for y'all.

I myself have conducted a long-term experiment comparing the effect of same-sex marriage on opposite-sex marriage. I contracted one opposite-sex marriage in Canada prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage, and one after said legalization. To date, I can report that the legalization has had no statistically significant impact on childbearing within marriage (n=2 for both marriages); duration of marriage (y=11 before, y=7 and counting after); and self-reported levels of marital happiness and satisfaction (high in both cases).

Apr 30 Backyard Bombardier commented on Pointing Out That Randy Boehning Is Bi = Biphobia.
@29: I would agree with @31 that it is mostly closeted gays, not closeted bisexuals.

A bisexual man who chooses to closet his same-sex oriented side can still have a (mostly) fulfilling romantic and sexual life expressing his opposite-sex oriented side. He is not likely to build up a seething resentment towards happily out gay folks, as he isn't really missing anything that they have.

It would really take a repressed and closeted gay man to build up the kind of hatred and envy that drives the worst anti-gay types.

I am not trying to suggest that all closeted gays are hateful and envious towards the happily out. I think the vast majority are not. But for a small but venomous few, envy towards those who openly enjoy the same-sex orientation that they themselves are painfully repressing is a strong driver of their behaviour.

Back to Boehning (ahem), if he says he's bi, I suppose we must accept that. But I would like to hear of some female partners. I can't see why a closeted bi man of his generation wouldn't have acquired some female companionship somewhere along the way. Lord knows enough closeted gay men managed to do that.
Apr 29 Backyard Bombardier commented on Baltimore: Hillary Wants an Investigation into Police Brutality, Rand Paul Wants an Investigation into Single Parents.
@10: You do know that the quote you posted goes on for quite a while after the words "no fathers", right? Is a lack of male role models for young men a problem for some communities? Yes. Is it the only problem? No. In many cases, it is actually a symptom of broader problems, (e.g. systemic racism leading to higher incarceration rates for black men.)
Apr 3 Backyard Bombardier commented on Savage Love.
@239 Are you not aware that there is porn, and a lot of it, that does not consist of "Watching a woman's anus get destroyed for 45 minutes while she is under the influence of alcohol and cocaine"? It exists and many men enjoy watching it. Your insistence that there's only one kind of porn is a sign you don't really know what you are talking about.
Apr 3 Backyard Bombardier commented on Savage Love.
@206: "Dan invented the word some years ago as a PC form of "retard."

Echoing 207, there is no such thing. When you use the word "leotard", it is obvious that you really want to say "retard". Do you go around calling black people "tiggers"? Or women "punts"?

You would seem a lot less strident if you could refrain from using language like that. Unless of course you are trying to be gratuitously offensive.
Dec 24, 2014 Backyard Bombardier commented on The Song of the Day Is… A Bunch of Christmas Songs Recommended by Slog Commenters Who Were Not as Into Mariah Carey as They Should Have Been.
Greg Lake, "I believe in Father Christmas"

"Christmas Wrapping" needs to be tied into a sack alongside McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" and thrown in the ocean.

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