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Dec 24 Backyard Bombardier commented on The Song of the Day Is… A Bunch of Christmas Songs Recommended by Slog Commenters Who Were Not as Into Mariah Carey as They Should Have Been.
Greg Lake, "I believe in Father Christmas"

"Christmas Wrapping" needs to be tied into a sack alongside McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" and thrown in the ocean.
Dec 23 Backyard Bombardier commented on This Is an Anti-Gay Organization's YouTube Christmas Card.
That (closeted, obvs) big robot is kind of a dick.
Dec 17 Backyard Bombardier commented on Wall Street Now Owns Your Savings Account? And Who in the World Has Savings?.
@1: Genuine question here: Given that 2008 did in fact wipe out a significant number of investors who "made the wrong bets," where are those who profited from those losses? Who made tons of money off of the 2008 crash, and where is that money now? (I mean, apart from those who caused the crash and then pocketed government bailouts.)
Dec 16 Backyard Bombardier commented on The Morning News: A Water Pipe Is the Latest Victim of the Tunnel Project, Report Finds SPD Making Headway on Federal Reforms.
@16: Any post that begins with a blockquote in bold text can be safely scrolled past without missing anything of value.
Dec 11 Backyard Bombardier commented on Savage Love.
@184 Everything that you list is your experience, and there are people who have experienced those things who do not identify as female, and people who have not experienced those things who do identify as female.

Your lack of the experience of not feeling gendered is exactly mirrored by an agendered person's lack of the experience of feeling gendered.

It is no more useful to ask "how" than it is for a straight man to ask how a gay or bi man is sexually attracted to other men. There is no "how", at least not at any level necessary for normal human interaction; there is just an "is".

Dec 11 Backyard Bombardier commented on Savage Love.
@180: I think you are making a fundamental mistake when you ask "What benefit is there in not being gendered?" This question proceeds from the assumption that an agendered person has deliberately chosen to identify as such.

Based on what uncreative has told us, that is not their experience (and, I would guess, not the experience of many other agendered persons). They did not deliberately choose to be agender; that is just the way they are, as you are female and I am male.

For an agendered person, selecting a gender would be a deliberate choice, and one I expect many have made in consideration of the costs and benefits. But it isn't a choice they all make, nor should they have to.
Nov 18 Backyard Bombardier commented on SL Letter of the Day: Advice Privileges Suspended.
Echoing what several have said. WALD writes "I have lost sensation in the head of my penis entirely. This makes it impossible for me to enjoy intercourse or oral sex."

Before embarking on serious and possibly irreversible body modifications, WALD should invest in some sex therapy to try to learn how to enjoy intercourse or oral sex in spite of his numb glans. There are a ton of nerve endings in various places on the body that can make sex enjoyable. It is even possible for a man to to orgasm without any stimulation of the penis at all.

If WALD learned how to enjoy sex with the dick he has, perhaps he'd be more interested in keeping it.
Nov 9 Backyard Bombardier commented on The Best of Slog: Let's Recall How Terrible the Midterm Elections Were, Shall We?.
@12 Gee, it is almost like a document written over 200 years ago is insufficient to guide the management of a modern industrialized democracy. Huh.
Nov 7 Backyard Bombardier commented on This Awful Week in Politics Ends with Some Okay News, Some Bad-Good News, and Some Terrible News.
@21 Answer @12's question. Name one marriage or family destroyed. One.

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