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Mar 15, 2012 DarthTagnan commented on GOP Hardball.
I apologize for posting this late. If partisanship is what the GOP is looking for, they have accomplished their task. I *was* a moderate Democrat, guess I'm a hard-core liberal now.
Mar 15, 2012 DarthTagnan commented on Lives on the Line.
My concern... three Democrats voted for this egregious budget. I know that none of them are my legislators, but I'm concerned about the Districts they came from. Shame on them. The next time they are up for election, they need to declare themselves GOP.
Mar 15, 2012 DarthTagnan commented on Drinking Problems.
I'm going to go with the basic question: Why do people need more time to drink?
Mar 7, 2012 DarthTagnan commented on Clash of the Middlemen.
@7 What they're saying is that we're gonna pay more, not less, for alcohol.
Mar 7, 2012 DarthTagnan commented on Pot Activists vs. Pot Activists.
tl;dr... The biggest thing that stuck in my head was that 0.08 for Alcohol. Washington State is a No Tolerance State. That's where I was screwed. One shot, driving, etc. I blew 0.06 and after 15 minutes 0.042. No, I shouldn't have driven after one shot, my bad, but this legislation sounds just as bad.

I hate the idea that a Judge can look at the evidence and toss it aside to make their own decision.

vote no on I-502.
Feb 29, 2012 DarthTagnan commented on The "Fuck You" Budget Proposal.
Since we're going to need help from ALL Washingtonians to help pay for that mistake of a Deep Bore Tunnel, I think we should be nice to everyone in Washington State.
Aug 10, 2011 DarthTagnan commented on You'll Be Asked to Pay up to $100 More in Car Tab Fees.
I'm all for voting for both. I just want to make sure the money is going where they promise it will.
Jul 5, 2011 DarthTagnan commented on There's an App for That—But Will It Last?.
@ 23 - If you don't like being tracked, Metro has a system you can use... it's called "Trip Planner." And it will tell you when the bus is supposed to arrive. For those of us who want to know when it REALLY is going to arrive, we use OBA.

I don't have a car and I like the idea that I can call into work and say I'm going to be (?) minutes late. The idea of adding a Real Time Trip Planner would definitely make this an APP that I would be willing to pay $3-5 per year. It saves me time and money.

Good luck Brian and thank you for making my life easier.
Apr 5, 2011 DarthTagnan commented on Savage Love.
DUMB... you're not dumb. Go on the date (with all the protections of notifying your friends, etc.) and have a good time.

Dan's advice is solid.
Mar 16, 2011 DarthTagnan commented on Stop the Insanity.
"And did you know that Conlin decriminalized the possession of itty-bitty goats for personal use in Seattle? He did! Vote Conlin!"

I'm still laughing about the fact that I voted against this doofus based upon his "bag tax" proposal and the best you could come up with is that he saved goats.

Well, Seattle, you wanted a power-hungry jerk and you got one. I can no longer find his quote of "The Seattle Voters only 'advise' the City Council" when we voted against his "bag tax," but once I can find it again, I'll be sure to post the link to that, as well.

I'll vote against him, again. But my little vote doesn't seem to count with The Stranger endorsing him... over "saving itty-bitty goats."